It doesn't work if we are in there

Last night Brandon was eating dinner midway through he declared he was full.  As he was getting down he looked at us and said,

"Can I have a snack now?"

Rob and I laughed and explained if he was full he woudn’t have room for a snack. His response was,

"No I’m just full of dinner, I’m not full of snack though."

We asked him what he wanted and he replied,

"Marshmallows & chocolate."

So we told him if he ate his dinner he could have a snack.  He got back in his chair and finished eating.  When I saw he only had about three bites left I went in the kitchen and grabbed cocoa crispies, marshmallows, chocolate chips, marshmallow fluff and sprinkles.  I was gonna create me some SNACK!  Not long after Brandon walks in the kitchen.  I was so proud of him for finishing his dinner.  But then I look down and see he is about to throw his napkin away.  This struck me as odd because in three years he has never ever thrown away his napkin.  Put his bowl in the sink, YES, throw away a napkin NO! Here is what happened next.

Me: (noticing his napkin is also in a super tight little ball "Brandon whats in your napkin?"

Brandon: "Nut ting"

Me: Brandon let me see it"

Brandon" NO (runs)

Me: "Brandon let me see whats in there"

So I chase him, pry the napkin out of his hand and open it up to reveal his last two bites.

That little stinker was really going to throw his damn dinner away in his napkin.  Now.  I know my husband says he did this when he was little.  I never did, so I honestly don’t know how you learn that.  Now I am curious to find out where exactly he learned that, or did he really just sit there and think, "gee I’m just going to hide this taco in my napkin and mom will never know?"



8 thoughts on “It doesn't work if we are in there

  1. That is so funny ~ I wonder what goes through their little minds sometimes!
    Lauren once kept chicken in her cheek and tried to convince me that she had eaten it ~ then she sneaked in the kitchen and spat it in the bin……sneaky little madam!
    Hugs Tab XX


  2. when i was little id save the last bites in my mouth and then ask to go to the bathroom, where id spit them out in the toilet.
    watch out he might do that one day too!


  3. Uhm yeah, he was totally thinking he would be able to just go throw the food away. I did that as a kid. I actually figured out I could put food in my pockets and go the bathroom and spit in the toilet to get rid of peas and other foods I didn’t like. As a kid you figure out how to work the system. It comes naturally – if you really need to get out of something.


  4. LOL. That’s AWESOME.
    I wrote down some of the things Z has said in the past. They still give me the giggles.
    My fave was when I asked him if he wanted a grilled cheese. He said, “No, I only like boy cheese.” hehe


  5. Ohhh, we did that when we were little, too. Caleb told me the other night that he was finished with his dinner (he wanted to go back outside and play) and upon inspection I found half of his salad in a empty doritos bag in the garbage can. Ugh. Kids…


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