Getting caught

I’ve never been too good at following the rules of parenting.  My kids have always eaten the wrong things.  Case in point, my dad fed Brandon Krispy Kreme when he was three months.  Codi has eaten chocolate, dirt, and other things babies shouldn’t. On Sunday Brandon had 4 different kinds of popcicles, because it was Sunday and we were working outside and WHO DOESN’T LOVE POPSICLE?

As I mentioned before I’m watching my bestest friend Katie’s baby.  Dylan is a tank.  Seriously this kid is huge.  He loves food.  Of course me being "cool aunt Shannon" you would have to expect that Dylan has eaten some no no’s while in my care.  Most recently today he had cocoa crispies that Codi so kindly shared.  Here is the funny part.  Dylan’s dad is a worry wart.  He’s not down with the baby Cheeto’s I give Dylan.  I promised Katie to never tell her husband about the time Dylan might have hypothetically had a push pop.  And today when I was trying to get a cute picture of Dylan and he started eating dirt…well you can imagine that isn’t going to go over well.  

I am careful to cover my bases well.  Cheeto’s are fine because they will be the same color as sweet potato poop.  Cookies blend in nicely with chicken baby food poop.  However, there was one time, I was not so careful.  One time while Dylan and I were playing outside I let him play with a tree.  He tore off a branch and it would have taken the jaws of life to get it from him so I let him keep it.  I’m thankful Katie was the one changing his diaper the next morning, because if her husband had gotten the diaper with a perfectly in tact leaf in it….I WOULD HAVE BEEN TOTALLY CAUGHT.

So.  Note to self.  From now on, when I am cool aunt Shannon and give Dylan forbidden foods….make sure his parents won’t find it in his diaper.



Also, maybe don’t have photgraphical evidence of the dirt eating incident!

Okay I have to go now, Dylan and I have some ice cream sandwiches to tend to.


6 thoughts on “Getting caught

  1. My brother feed me chocolate laxatives when I was little. I should have know better he was being to nice to me. I don’t even know if they still sell that shit but he got in big trouble I was really sick.


  2. The girl in my office just told me there was this guy at her dads work that kept taking her dad’s lunch. Her mom made a cake and frosted it with it put it in her dad lunch and the guy stole his lunch and then had to take like 6 days off work. Bet his asshole hurt I know mine did and I was like only 6.


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