I'm cancelling cable when they turn 16

I’ve been cleaning my house all day.  I get the bright idea to sit down for lunch and see what’s on, ON DEMAND.  Nothing.  Thats what.  So I decide to look at pay preview.  Here are the first things that pop up.

  1. Summer in Love in the Farm
  2. Chocolate MILF 4
  3. Swap the popshot
  4. Strip the Screw Me 4
  5. Girls who Love Girls
  6. Big Black Meat & His Beauties
  7. Wet Girls Come for You
  8. Bad Babysitters
  9. Chica Boom
  10. MILF Cruiser
  11. Taste Every Drop
  12. 5 Rocking Squirters
  13. Adult Guard Support
  14. BJ Bonanza
  15. Virgin Stimulus Package
  16. Trailer Park Hotties
  17. 18 & Easy
  18. Moms Turned Nymphos

Wow!  I’m totally canceling cable when my boys are older.  Also.  What is up with all the obsession with MILF’s and moms?  And seriously, Trailer Park Hotties….WTF. Looks like I won’t be renting a movie today after all!

10 thoughts on “I'm cancelling cable when they turn 16

  1. The boyfriend and I sometimes go to the tv guide channel/channel info to giggle at the titles. Some of them are so cheesy and/or are out to like version 18. It does usually provide a laugh or two.


  2. Nick and I say the same thing about our potential future children seeing as we work with the adolescent population and hear what they talk about, how they act and we all know it’s TV’s fault dammit! 🙂


  3. OMG ~ I am still laughing ~ I agree, you should so get rid of that when they get older!
    You have MILFs over there too ~ I thought that was a British expression ha ha !! XXX


  4. So, I shouldn’t believe my husband when he tells me that “Big Oreo Lovin'” is a documentary about the cookie?
    …oh, wait, another play on words…maybe it IS a documentary about the “cookie”!
    I’m totally kidding of course.
    funny, but kidding!


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