Check out the boys new house

You can see it here on my flickr.  We already put their grill on the deck and their table and chairs.  When the windows go in we will paint and move their kitchen in and a couch.  My super awesome niece got this for us.  Two of them actually. Where she goes to school they build these little mini houses to practice learning construction.  They do three practice houses and then build one nice one at the end to auction off.  They gave us the practice ones.  Click the flickr to see the inside.  They have electricity, plumbing, stairs and a deck!

5 thoughts on “Check out the boys new house

  1. That is insane. I want one, just for me, and I would post a sign out front that says “no Ella or Q allowed.” Your boys are going to love it for years to come.


  2. How absolutely cool is that! What a great project at her school and then bonus that the boys get them! They are totally going to love them and get so much use out of them. It’s their own little mancave haha!


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