Fail sight

I’ve always worn glasses.  For a very brief time I tried out contacts.  I have never wanted to gouge my eyes out so bad.  They were worse then the worst allergies I’ve ever had.  I gave up and went back to glasses.

Recently Codi decided to totally mutilate my glasses.  Brandon never did this, but Codi, Codi has some sick obsession with trying to see just how much damage he can do to my glasses in the fastest amount of time possible.  This time he snapped the whole arm off.  I attempted to crazy glue it on, NO.  I tried taping it, NO.  I gave up.  I went almost 4 days with no glasses and finally super scotch taped them so I could at least wear them while working on the computer. 

The problem was I was still getting headaches.  I realized I hadn’t been to the eye doctor in years so maybe it was time to do that.  I went and guess what?  My eyes were different!  I ordered some new glasses but since it would be a few days before they were ready I decided to give contacts a go.  I knew if I asked for a sample they would cost nothing and get me by until my glasses came.  This time we discovered that my eyes don’t tear well.  So I have to keep lubricating drops with me at all times.  

The lady gave me a lesson on putting them in.  "LOOK" she said, "they come with handy little numbers now so if you can see the number you know it’s the right way."

Cool fine.  Only she didn’t tell me if I was supposed to see the numbers on the inside or outside.  If they are one way the inside reads 321 and the outside 123.  I assumed this was the wrong way since she originally showed me with 123 INSIDE.  

Turns out she was wrong.  They were inside out.  Then yesterday I managed to totally crease and mush the contact so I couldn’t even see while driving.  I gave up and popped them out and trashed those ones.  This morning I was trying a new pair of contacts.  Instead of 123 they said OK.  I saw the words OK and thought that means put them in.  Seconds later I was clawing my eyes out.  After fuckng with them forever I finally flipped them so they read KO (but read OK if I looked from the outside) and lo they fit perfect.  I HAD THE FUCKING THINGS INSIDE OUT ALL MORNING.

I seriously fail at contacts.  I pinch them, tear them, put them in wrong and let them dry out.  What kind of person puts not one but TWO contacts inside out.  Dear lord I can’t wait for my glasses to be ready!

By the way, these are my purdy new glasses.  They can’t get here fast enough!

7 thoughts on “Fail sight

  1. Cute glasses!!!
    Jayla does that too btw, I had one pair of glasses, super old and so not my current prescription any more but they still worked until she broke off one arm and bent the other… And she already broke two pairs of sunglasses too…
    I am the opposite, I hate glasses and love contacts, I’ve been wearing contacts for 12 years and can’t stand wearing glasses cause they make me dizzy…


  2. Very cute glasses!
    Contacts are not that hard. I’ve been wearing them since I was 14 years old. I refused to go to high school with glasses and part of my mom believed I wouldn’t go so she caved! lol Mine don’t have numbers just make sure the lens looks round and plop in it goes. If it feels funny flip it over chances are it will feel better and you are all set 🙂


  3. I like the new glasses. I have worn contacts for 7 years or so and I love them. I have put them in inside out too and have put two contacts in the same eye (don’t ask), don’t feel bad you will get the hang of it.


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