I’m leaving for CA this weekend to see the in laws.  Since this means I usually have a ton of free time I plan to pack my laptop and spend all of Satruday posting the winners to the contest and posting all of the correct answers plus the ones that made me laugh the hardest.  I also have a couple recipes to post on the food blog.  So Yay!  I’m going to get all caught up and shit!  Also, I know who the winner is already.  I also know there is going to be two small prizes for the runners up!

Isn't that a Bush song

A few weeks ago at the advice of my general practitioner I made an appointment with a Psychiatrist. My doctor did not feel comfortable giving me a second medication with out the advice of someone who has extensive backgrounds in drugs. 

I began calling around looking for doctors who were on my insurance plan.  Only two were taking new patients so the decision was kind of made for me.  One doctor was over a month out and one could see me in a week.  I made appointments with both.  Then I called my husbands aunt and uncle, who are a psychologist and psychiatrist respectively.  I discussed with both of them what was going on with me.  My aunt laughed when she suddenly discovered why it is I barely eat with the family and why I am always asking for bottled water.    My uncle went over all of the possible medications and then asked me to call him after I had met with the doctor.

The moment I walked in I knew I did not like the place.  I have good intuition, and also I judge medical offices harshly.  They should be clean among other things.  The most highly recommended pediatrician in Reno was immediately stricken from my list as soon as I saw the dust layering his desk and the gross unvaccumed floors.  I practically ran out of there.  So when I walked into this waiting room and saw the rickety office, the uncleanliness I knew it was bad.  The moment the doctor walked out I also knew, she was not the doctor for me.  Her office was cold, uncomfortable with nothing but a large metal desk and 3 waiting room chairs.  She offered me nothing and just jumped right in.  First she explained that she was a resident who only had three more months until she was done, upon that time she would leave and I would be given to a new doctor.  She asked me a lot of questions in an overly professional and rushed manor.  She was impatient, unwelcoming and made me feel uncomfortable.

In the end she classified me as bi-polar with borderline personality disorder.  I am familiar with bi-polar, yet I am clueless on the other one.  After leaving her office I am still just as clueless because she did not offer to explain what the fuck she had just diagnosed me with.  Finally she sent me on my way with a prescription for Lithium.  She started me at 150 until our next appointment THREE WEEKS AWAY and said I would get to 400.

I left pretty confused and unsure of it all.  I was frustrated she wouldn’t even listen to my concerns about switching from Zoloft to Wellbutrin.  She went all Alien vs Predator on me when I mentioned my uncle and my general practitioner suggestions informing me in a very stern tone that SHE WAS MY DOCTOR NOW AND SHE HANDLED MY MEDICATION NO ONE ELSE!  


I dropped off the prescription and called my uncle.  He said if her diagnosis is correct Lithium is a good drug.  However he said I should only be on 150 for a week and increase weekly up until 600.  Basically having me on 150 for three weeks would be wasting three weeks of recovery and healing.  He also explained further that my symptoms reflect bi-polar level two. 

My final problem is that a large recent contributing factor to my depression is the fact that I can’t stop gaining weight.  This is in part to two things; one, I stopped nursing and put on 10 lbs immediately. Two, I’m on two drugs that have high risk of weight gain.  FUCKING AWESOME.  Since Wellbutrin is known to help aid in weight loss and balance out my metabolism my general thought I should take that with a second drug for the OCD. 

At this point I haven’t decided what to do.  I will stay on the lithium I think until I meet the next doctor.  I do think I will call my current doctor and tell her I have had no side effects and that I have notice zero changes and request to up my dosage.  I honestly hope I like the next doctor more.  One thing I know is it is VERY important to like your doctors.  I love my Shrink.  He makes me comfortable.  His office is warm and inviting with a big soft couch and a shit load of pillows.  He has bookshelves and a cute chair and a nice desk and most off all no bullshit fluorescent lights that made me feel like I was getting a papsmear instead of a Psych evaluation.  Besides that, he is just a nice guy.  This lady made me afraid to speak and my current shrink makes me unable to shut up.  My hope is that I can find a Psych doctor who I am that comfortable with.  Hell, I’d rather confess all of my sins and crazy to my husbands uncle but he lives to far away.

So.  There is your recent crazy update.  I’ll follow up again after I call this doctor in a week to request upping my dose. 


So.  If you are wondering why I haven’t announced the winners yet it is because I just found out G-mail had spammed 32 of my comments. 

That also means if you left me a comment and I didn’t reply, I’m not an asshole I just didn’t know I got the comment. 

So I’m totally up the new entries and sifting through comments.  Update to come soon.

Wait, was it mothers day or something

Sunday morning i woke up to find the server that hosts my blog was down.  That is why there are no super heart felt posts from me.  Late Sunday they got it back up and running, unfortunatly the server in my head did not start processing until just now.

My mom and I woke up early (along with Rob) and headed to the local Mom’s on the Run, benefit for breast cancer.  Here are some photos from that.

Robs running pose

The boys going down the big slide at the end of the race

Could Brandon’s hair be any more awesome?

Me and my mommy at the finish line

At the finish line with the boys

Codi got I heart mom on his cheek.  It was soooo cute!

Brandon loves me too.  The kids from the local high school set up a face painting booth for free.  They also had donuts, muffins, milk, water and fruit for all of the finishers.  Plus a bounce house, bounce race course and super slide.

I got one just like Brandon’s because I love my mom too!

Codi’s first time in a bounce house.  He LOVED IT!

Brandon had a blast too!

They both gave me kisses


My favorite part was when I forgot to lock the stroller in jog mode and mom took off running.  The stroller didn’t like running in walk mode and flipped over.  Brandon, was being all smart mouth before talking about how he didn’t need a seat belt he was big.  So you can imagine that when the stroller flipped Brandon went FLYING!  We got him back in, fixed up the stroller and away we went.  We actually did the 3k fast walk.  It went all around the river and right in front of the spot I got married.  It was such a beautiful day.  Sun shining, good company and tons of green.  Mom and I had a blast.


Finally, mom and I got extensions put in for a donation to the cancer research, aren’t I cute!!!

Ummm what do I do with that

Ginger and I went and got pedicures together this weekend.  As I was sitting there having my toes painted when a girl walked up to me, looked at my toes and said;

"You should come back and have your toes waxed."

. . . . . . . . . .

Ummm.  Okay.  Thanks for noticing the hair on my toes lady, and for pointing it out to EVERYONE!


Last chance to take the quiz and enter the giveaway.  Remember you get 5 extra points for posting a link on your blog and letting me know.  Extra points for making me laugh, and extra points if you make me laugh so hard I pee a little.  Enter here.

Check out the boys new house

You can see it here on my flickr.  We already put their grill on the deck and their table and chairs.  When the windows go in we will paint and move their kitchen in and a couch.  My super awesome niece got this for us.  Two of them actually. Where she goes to school they build these little mini houses to practice learning construction.  They do three practice houses and then build one nice one at the end to auction off.  They gave us the practice ones.  Click the flickr to see the inside.  They have electricity, plumbing, stairs and a deck!


Sorry I haven’t been here in a while.  I’ve been busy, doing a whole lot of nothing.  I’m catching a cold which, suck town!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway which ends soon.   I’ve gotten some hilarious answers.  Currently Mrs F is holding the title for answer that made me laugh the hardest, I’ll post that when I announce the winner.  She gets a lot of extra points for that one.  So remember, humor gets you far.  Enter here.

Is it just me or am I the only one who has noticed that babies are obsessed with the following:

  • Lotion, and rubbing it in their hair
  • Taking their socks off
  • Toilet water
  • Paper, and shredding it
  • Pulling every tissue out of the box
  • Pulling everything out of the cabinets
  • Cheeto’s

There is lotion everywhere.  E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E!  Codi finds it and immediately rubs it in his hair.  However since he is little and has the intelligence of a beetle bug he also thinks toothpaste, acne cream, rash cream and hand soap are all lotion and all of those things have been in his hair this week.  And when I said he has the intelligence of a beetle I mean beetle who can open any door, drawer, cabinet, etc. 

This morning Brandon had a melt down because my dad said he would take him to school and then couldn’t.  Things got worse when I realized both of my sets of keys were in my purse, in Rob’s car, all the way across town at his work.  My car was unlocked so I grabbed my car seat and was lucky that Katie offered to take him to school.  He cried the entire way there and for so long they had to keep him in his office.  I felt so so bad to see him that upset.  

Dylan, Katie’s son has started crawling. This means him and Codi spent an hour terrorizing my paper recycling yesterday.  Dylan chewed on so much paper I started thinking, who needs a shredder, kids do an excellent job of shredding or drooling on stuff so much they are unreadable.  Next time I have something with my social security number I’m going to hand it to one of the boys and let em have at it.  Katie won’t mind if she finds a piece of my bank account number in Dylan’s diaper!

Put your study hats on

Yay time for another give away.  Since Mothers day is just around the corner I decided to concentrate on that.  I am posting a little quiz for you.  Some of these may be trick questions.  Each question is worth 1-2 points.  However even if you answer wrong, if I like your answer enough I’ll give you a point.  Flattery might get you an extra point.  Non flattering answers might make your comment accidentally get lost in the Spam file.  Answers that make me laugh really hard get bonus points! The prize will be something directed towards moms. You can still answer if you are not a mom and you can give the prize to your mom.  The prize might be something relaxing or filling or, whatever, who knows but it will be good.  The more people that answer the question the bigger the prize will be.  That means if only five of you answer I might only feel like giving away a $7.00 gift card to the dollar tree!  This means if you procrastinate and say you’ll get to the quiz later and then forget you are totally screwing the other possible winners because your comment could be the difference between a $7.00 gift card and a $30.00 gift card!

Fun fact, as I type this Codi is eating my MAC lipstick.  So, if you hear me blogging about Viva Glam Satin colored baby poop later don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Also, if you see a blog soon about how to get Viva Glam Satin colored lipstick out of the carpet don’t be surprised and don’t tell my mom K!

Here is the TRICKY PART!!!  I’m hiding the comments.  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH THAT MEANS NO CHEATING!  Yeah I know how you all are.  I know you are just dying for Patty, or Ginger or Katie to post so you can cheat and copy there answers, but not this time suckers!  Plus then you have no way of knowing how many comments there are and how big the prize could be.  

So with out further ado, may the smartest lady win. (Men you can enter too and give it to your wife or mom!)

1. What is my drink at starbucks?
2. In my opinion what fast food restaurant has the best French fries? (note I said fast food because if I didn’t specify that we obviously know that Bullys would win hands down as the best French fries ever)
3. What size is my foot?
4. What size shoe do I actually buy?
5. What is my favorite cereal?
6. What is my favorite ice cream?
7. If I had $5,000.00 to blow what two stores would I run to immediately?
8. What is my favorite endearing term for my husband to call me?
9. What is my natural hair color? And do I dye my hair?
10. I just found out I get to be on a reality TV show which show do I want to be on? (There are a few acceptable answers to this, and a few absolutely not a chance in hell answers!)
11. My husband comes home drunk one night and decides to hit me for the first time ever, Do I :
       a. Forgive him, he was drunk and it was only once
       b. Hit him back
       c. Tell my dad and hope my husband can run faster then him
       d. Go all Lorana Bobbit on his ass
12. What is my favorite feature about myself?
13. What is one physical trait I can not handle in the opposite sex, or anyone for that matter?
14. Did I wear braces?
15. Do I have tattoos? If yes, how many?
16. What parts of my body have I pierced?
17. Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, or a boob job, which would I rather have?
18. Brandons name came from where?
19. I claim this is my favorite food. My actual favorite food is what though?
20. How often do I lotion my feet in a 7 day period?
21. What is the real color of my eyes?
22. Do I bite my nails?
23. How many more children would I like to have?
24. What jewelry do I always have on?
25. How long did it take me to think of these questions?

On one final note.  You will earn 5 extra points if you post a link to this give away on your blog and then send me the link to your post!