I officially suck….aka…the winners of the giveaway

I am sorry.  I only posted this give away a MONTH ago.  I’m fucking awful.  Heres the deal.  I’ve been backlogged at work, upside down trying to get the bankruptcy stuff together, stuck in a depression, and buried.

Anyway, I filed the last of my bankruptcy papers last Saturday.  I am mostly caught up at work, and my house is still dusty but I hung some pretty pictures on the wall so at least the dust looks pretty right?

Picking a winner for this was hard.  It involved so much math, and remembering to tally numbers etc.

Katie R. Got extra points for providing her answer in a PDF and in list form WITH COLORS!  An OCDers dream.  She lost points for this answer:

9. What is my natural hair color? And do I dye my hair? No you don’t dye so your natural color is dirty blond/light brown. I do however remember when you did in fact bleach your hair in high school and then decide to grow it out and you had total double decker hair color.

Billie guessed my second favorite Starbucks drink, Venti Java Chip frapacchino.  She was the ONLY person who knew I like potatoes

Only two people remembered I had my nose pierced and only two people guessed that I had pierced my nipples.  My husband was the only one who knew that I like to be called darlin.  

Technically my best friend Katie got the most questions right, but I decided she can’t win since that would seem rigged or something.




Not only did she get nearly every question right, she got about a bazillion points for this answer:

22. How would you pick your nose if you bit your nails?

So, Mrs. F, please email me your address and I will send your present on it’s way!

For everyone else, here are the answers!

2 thoughts on “I officially suck….aka…the winners of the giveaway

  1. K get it right, when you was young your hair was blonde you fight over this all the time with your aunt and I. You have very light brown hair I have brown hair. I’m looking at your very first drives license you was 16 it says you have blonde hair yet the picture looks not so blond but light brown. You and Ginger used to see how many different colors you could dye it sitting in my bathtub . I remember when you colored it one time when you was like 15 with red Cool Aid. We used to get high light put in it and one time we paid to have it dyed brown and o man did you cry when it was done. I think now is the color I like the best your natural color LIGHT BROWN with lots of natural high lights.


  2. Oh that is hilarious! I remember dying my hair with kool-aid. It worked better in my brother’s hair though, because his hair was more blond than brown. One year, on Mother’s Day, I dyed my hair green. My mom almost keeled over and died from a heart attack!!!!


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