I get the best presents

Ginger and I have been friends since the dinosaurs roamed the earth.  That being said, Ginger has a habit of giving me really good gifts.  This is because Ginger happens to be reallllly great in the kitchen and have a habit of showing up at my house with tasty treats.

This is my Ginger.




You can’t even imagine what I felt when this showed up at my door today.

To give you an idea of how big it is…here is my attempt  to stand next to my boyfriend.

Yes, he is a full 6 feet tall.  I haven’t gotten shit done all day at work now because I’ve been so busy texting Ginger about all of the dirty things I want to do with my cardboard Edward.  Fuck the pocket Edward Patty, this is SOOOO MUCH BETTER!


12 thoughts on “I get the best presents

  1. OMG ~ I so want one of those ~ so that he can come to bed with me every night…….sorry got carried away there!
    Wow ~ Ginger is a great friend ~ I wish I had friends that brought me cardboard Edwards…….I am sooooo jealous.
    Love and hugs Tab XXXX


  2. I got this off of Amazon.com (Amazon.com doesn’t actually sell them but they have sellers that host their stores through Amazon.com). Or you can google it and find a bunch of places that sell them.


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