I looked cute for an entire 23 minutes today

Today I got all dressed up cute and came to work.  23 minutes into the day i answered a phone call when I suddenly got the overwhelming urge to vomit.  I quickly put the lady on hold and ran to the bathroom barely making it before vommiting up the breakfast I had just injested 4 minutes prior.  But, apparantly 27 years of vommiting doesn’t train you not to puke all over your cute pants.  Hell, with that kind of aim I might as well have been drunk huh?

I had to change and take some nausea medication.  And, of course since I have been watching I didn’t know I was pregnant, I am convinced this is morning sickness and I am fully expecting to go into an unknown labor any second now.  I’ll keep you all updated on the status of my phantom pregnancy.

PS.  When I went off the Zoloft it kicked my vertigo back into high gear.  So now I’m nauseous, I have blurred vision, I sort of feel like I’m on a tilt a wheel AND my neck still hurts.

I don’t know about you but I surely think this deserves at least one piece of Marie Calanders chocolate cream pie right?


PPS.  Yes my tubes are tied, no I can’t possibly really be pregnant I know I know, but dude…this show IT FUCKS WITH YOUR HEAD MAN, there have been a few times I started wondering if maybe Rob was pregnant too. 

5 thoughts on “I looked cute for an entire 23 minutes today

  1. I warned you about that show! And umm i might have watched a repeat the other night and freaked myself out so much the other morning because when I was slightly nauseous and I might have gone a bought a pregnancy test. I’m not pregnant, but then again half of the women on that show had negative pregnancy tests too and then 2 days later popped out twins!


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