Look who is cooking again

The recipes can be found here




Tomorrow’s recipe will be baked ziti, although I’m sure it won’t be as good as Patty’s!

Also, I made my dad some excellent raw cookie dough oatmeal raisen cookie balls this weekend (safe to eat no egg, I have a secret as to how I do it).  I didn’t take any pictures which means, sigh, I will have to make some more this weekend because OH LORDY were they good.  Seriously the fact that you can lick your hands and spoon all you want makes it so magical.  I also made a delicious little cinnamon cream cheese glaze for half of them and it was like a whole new level of foodgasims!

4 thoughts on “Look who is cooking again

  1. Okay. For real?
    You cook this stuff from scratch all the time?
    I heat up Ramen & call that cooking. Thank goodness my hubby doesn’t read your blog. You’re making me look bad…he’s so neglected!


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