I know….I KNOW


I have to.

I have to talk about Big Brother andi’msorryinadvance!

Here is my breakdown so far.


I heart Lydia and Jeff.

What the fuck did Ronnie do this week?  For someone so smart he sure is a total fucking moron dumbass!!

Natalie is a bitch.  And also, 18 PUUULEASE! 

Mrs HUGE GIANT FAKE TITTIES "it’s not my fault I have big boobs."  Um, whose fault is it that you paid a doctor to shove implants in your shit?  Was it spontaneous boobage?  Miraculous implants?  She just woke up with boobs?  I want to stick a needle in them.  Is she not the most annoying dumbshit in the history of Big Brother?

Chima drives me nuts too, I haven’t figured out why yet..maybe she is just sort of a ditz.

Everyone else is kind of under my radar right now.  Besides stupid moron fucking Jesse.  Dear God why did they bring they weirdo back?  I wanted Jessica to come back just so I could find out if she was still dating that geek Eric.

I must say this has been a very intense season already.  I’m only two shows in and already It is all so shocking.  If I turn my head I miss something. 

I hope the lame muscle people don’t win next week.  Barf on them.  Mostly barf on Jesse and Natalie!

What is your take on this season?


3 thoughts on “I know….I KNOW

  1. I usually love Big Brother over here but have not watched any of it this year~ think I must be having a big brother break!!
    Sounds like they are having fun this year in the US show!
    Love and hugs Tab XXXX


  2. I HATE Ronnie, he is so annoying and I pretty sure he only has one ball.
    I like the entire Athlete’s crew, even if they are disfunctional. Natalie is 24, not 18. And I like her, she reminds me of Michelle Rodriguez’s character on the Fast and the Furious.
    I don’t like Lydia, she is annoying and her bottom teeth are driving me nuts. But I do love Kevin, he’s fun.


  3. OH hells yeah! I didn’t know you were a BB fan too!
    Well said girlfriend about everything! My thoughts are exactly the fucking same.. kinda odd because nobody thinks like me. 🙂


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