Let's discuss the lady at the pool

Now I know I owe you the rest of the Vegas story.  But this part.  It deserves a story on it’s own.  The worst part I WAS THE ONLY ONE TO SEE IT!

When we arrived at the MGM pool Ginger and I stopped to order something at the little pool deli thing. Ginger got this fruit bowl thing so she was able to take her food and go sit.  I on the other hand had to wait around for them to make me the worst sandwich of my life. I’m standing back about 6 feet from the register when I see this couple walk up.  She was a rather large black woman.  By rather large I mean Biggest Loser large.  She was also wearing a HOT PINK bathing suit that was similar to this.

Only… she did not look like the model.  Over it she had a black mesh cover up.  It was meant to be knee length but it was about mid ass length.  I can’t lie, it was very hard not to stare.  HOWEVER then her boyfriend walked up.  Remember we are in Las Vegas.  It was 100 degrees that day.  Here is this guy in his denim jeans, with leather loafers, a button up shirt and A BATHROBE ON over it.  Yes.  A ROBE.  because the jeans weren’t hot enough.  He had the robe open just enough for his 5 inch gold cross to hang out.  He opened his mouth just enough to show off his entire gold grill.  And he texted on his phone with fingers full of gold rings and hands covered in gold bracelets.  His ears had diamonds Nelly would be jealous of. 

Explain to me who goes to a pool in 100 degree weather in jeans and a robe with a long sleeve shirt? WHO!

I was flummoxed.  What the fuck was wrong with these people.  She was under dressed he was over dressed what the hell did they see a mirror that morning?  My favorite part of all though was when she grabbed two bottles of Fiji water which were 7.50 each.  I guess she didn’t read the menu board to know that because when the cashier said $15.00 she threw a huge fit about how OH HELL NO I’M NOT PAYING NO $15.00 FOR SOME WATER THIS BITCH IS OUT OF HER MIND SHES CRAZY! She then looks at her boyfriend and says;

"My nigga, we outta here they be trying to charge me $15.00 for some water."

And off they went.

Who says that?  Who refers to someone as "my nigga?" 

That five minutes really sums up my entire trip to Vegas.  Strange people doing strange things saying strange things.

I also felt totally over dressed in my modest full coverage one piece standing there next to that lady.  Who knew Vegas made it okay to let it all hang out.  By all I mean ALL!

6 thoughts on “Let's discuss the lady at the pool

  1. They must’ve been from Little Rock, Arkansas. Because I see them ALL THE DAMN TIME. I will refrain from further comments because I WILL piss someone off. 🙂


  2. Well——-did you get to meet Patty!?
    Love that swimsuit. I could never pull it off though. My mom boobs would literally slip through the sides or right out the middle, or something.
    I hear everyone say similar things about Vegas. Kind of an “anything goes” mentality….


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