Walmart hates me

You might remember the first time I discovered Walmart hated me.

Followed by the time Walmart and Sams club gave me another big fuck you.


Today. Wal-Mart was after me again. I went to Sams Club to pick up Brandon’s prescription for Epi Pens. After that I had to go to Wal-Mart, which is right next door to Sams Club (interesting fact, every time something happens it is at this fucking Wal-Mart). I walk over with Codi and head back to the diaper area. This already puts me in a bad mood because I’m reminded that I still have to pay $18.97 for a box of diapers with 20 less diapers then 2 months ago. Every box of diapers is crushed, smashed, ripped open etc. I grab some wipes (also crushed and ripped open) and a couple other baby related items when I realize I have to pee. Fun Shannon fact #eleventybillion I cannot enter a store with out having to pee EVER! I’m totally annoyed because this is going to make me even later to work. I pee, get Codi back in the cart and head up front.


I see a nice checker standing by her isle with no one in it. She asks me if I am ready and I say yes. I’m thrilled that I found an empty line and I was patting myself on the back for how quick I was being. She rings me up ($92.00 later for fucking diapers and wipes) I hand over a blank check. If you are not familiar Wal-Mart has this neat little thing where you give them a check, they put it in their little thingamabob and it will print everything on it for you. It also acts as a debit so you don’t have a check outstanding for months. I normally just use my debit card but it was way to far down in my purse so I grabbed that. The checker punched in some buttons, inserted my check in the thingy and WALA printing.


The machine ate my check. Checker lady decides to open the machine and force my check out. Then she pushes buttons on her little screen. Then she pushes more buttons. She looks at her check thingy, pushes buttons, looks at my check, pushes buttons, etc. Finally after 3 minutes of waiting I get a little annoyed, fish out my debit card and tell her I will use that. She says, "No, you can’t my whole machine is frozen, it froze when it ate your check."


I stood here for three minutes while you pushed fucking buttons knowing the damn thing wasn’t working. She proceeds to push more buttons and then another minute later calls for help. The manager walks over looks at the machine and starts pushing buttons. She is pushing buttons like she knows what she is doing. She grabs my check, punches in some numbers and then says, "YUP IT’S FROZEN, GUESS WE NEED TO MOVE."

Awe man really!

The lady behind me is extra pissed because she’s already unloaded her cart and her newborn baby is in it’s car seat screaming it’s damn head off and her older kid is running around crazy and now she has to load her shit back in her cart and move. Also no one offers to help her. They take me to a different check stand and make ME unpack my bags so they can re-scan them.
The checker ends up messing something up, having to start over again and then finally 45 MINUTES later I was able to leave Wal-Mart. As I was leaving I noticed they told the lady behind me to again put her stuff back in her cart and again move to another isle because this one didn’t have a till in it.
How in the hell did it take 45 damn minutes to buy 3 things of diapers, one box of wipes, one wipe warmer refill and one Backyardagains DVD?



8 thoughts on “Walmart hates me

  1. WHOAH 45 mins??? Geez, that’s crazy! I hate Walmart. They have the worst customer service ever! I only shop there RARELY.


  2. Wow, that’s why I have my diapers shipped to me from Amazon through subscribe and save. They are delivered right to my door every month. I supplement any extras I need on my weekly grocery run. I haven’t stepped foot in Walmart in months.


  3. Ugh… that totally sucks. I’ve had similar experiences before at walmart and the supermarket. I love the stores that have the self serve checkouts, then you don’t have to deal with incompetent cashiers…


  4. I think we have an invisible sign on our foreheads that say.. Be rude to me, Price Check my shit and take as long as you possibly can because I have no life! I swear. It’s not just you – It’s rare that I can go ANYWHERE in public and it be smooth as butta.. Always a lump or two, lol.


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