I’m 27.  Nearly 28 and I am so ashamed to admit that totally love the show iCarly.  I think these kids are supposed to be in high school although they look about 12.  It’s on Nick Jr.  It is for kids AND I CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT!  Are any of you addicted to those silly little teeny bopper shows your kids watch?

Oh man.  Putting the picture up here just made me feel even more lame.


On a side note. If you have noticed I haven’t been commenting lately it’s because I am so backed up on blogs.  My Google Reader has 307 posts in it.  But don’t feel left out, because my Tivo has about 40 things in it.  I think 20 of them are Oprah alone.  I plan to make a dent in the number of posts this weekend so watch out for me!

3 thoughts on “Embarrassing

  1. This made me laugh becuase I was just having this conversation with a friend… I love them all… icarly; Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers and on and on and on.


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