Crying uncle

Codi is still not eating.  He is starting to lose weight, his bones show, and frankly he looks like some emaciated malnourished kid.  I tried to get him to eat chicken, pasta, noodles, anything that was FOOD. 


Last week I gave up.  I cried uncle.  My kid was losing weight, too much weight and I didn’t care.  Tuesday morning I packed food to take to work with Codi and I. Here is what Codi ate on Tuesday:

1- S’mores poptart

4- Eggo muffin tops

1- Gogurt

1- Chocolate pudding

1- Ho ho

1- ice cream sandwich

2- cups of chocolate milk.

Yes.  I realize how non healthy that was but guess what HE ATE! The next day I packed him basically the same lunch but it also had some chicken nuggets and Pediasure.  I had to mix the vanilla pediasure with milk and nesquik so he would drink it.  My niece let him sit on her desk and put the stamp pad in front of him.  For every bite of chicken he took he could stamp the paper, same with the milk.  The next thing I knew he ate four chicken nuggets.  He drank all of his Pediasure and ate all his other junk food.  Suddenly his little belly was popping out like a 9 month pregnant lady.  He was pooping like normal and happy as shit.  We even convinced to eat a bowl of Fruity Pebbles WITH MILK, on a spoon from a bowl. 

While I admit letting eat this stuff is bad I also remember that Brandon ate macaroni and cheetos for a full year before his food explosion.  Now the boy eats everything under the sun (the one exception is salad, he hates salad aka leaves).  Earlier in the year I received a book about kids who wouldn’t eat from a fellow blogger buddy.  I read it and it said to just let them eat whatever.  If he wants to eat pudding every day for every meal then let him, eventually slowly he will start eating other foods.  So far this has proven to be true.  I must also tell you that I am NOT above bribery.  

You tell me, does Codi seem happy eating pudding for breakfast?

(Please note rib bones. This is why I freaked out and gave him pudding for breakfast.)

3 thoughts on “Crying uncle

  1. I cant say Codi won’t eat he just eats on his terms. Right now he is eating his chicken nugget I brought home from Swanson an ice cream shop here in Reno. We went there last night for dinner and I got him chicken nugget. There were two kind of Chicken on the muen one was chicken nuggets one was chicken strips. Both chicken just he will only eat the nuggets. After he ate 3 of them I asked them if they could tell me what kind they were, they were Tyson. So I brought 2 home tonight I cooked them showed them to him and then cut them up. He has to see them be for they are cut up or he wont want them. He keeps getting off the couch and grabbing one and dancy with You Gabba ,, Some exsamples of his eating go like this. Codi LOVE the little Krusiteaz mini pancakes but if I make him pancake for get it even if I make them mini he know there not the ones he eats. He love the Yokids yogurt in the little platic tubes but like today I got him fruit and yogurt for breckfast Truckee River Bar and Grill another one of my hang out and he wanted nothing to do with the yogurt cause it was in a bowl he has such a fit he frozen and would shut his mouth till I took it out. Yet he ate like 8 cunks of water melon he over fruit it always looks the same, He love strawberry, bananna, water melon and grapes the look of them never change no matter how you cut them up. He love gold fish so tonight at whole food I got him Annies cheddar bunnie same thing I put them with his cheeots in a bowl I finished unloading my groceys and he brought me his bowl with all the cheetos gone but didn’t touch ONE little bunny. While I wrote this he finished all his chicken and just got off the couch to get more cheeots but first he had to pour them all out on the table and get rid of all the little bunnies and them put all his cheetos back in the bowl then roll up the place mat with the bunnie. The other morning I went to Shannon house in the morning and he was at the table with a bowl of lucky charms he told me he was done but I took the bowl and we went into the tv room with Brandon and I feed him and he ate the whole bowl and drank the milk. Its just going to take time he will eat I just wont feed him the pudding and then he get hunger enoght and then it hits him I have to eat what she give me or this fucking old lady is not going to feed me. He is in size 4 dipers I think he has a tummy on him his just on Codi time It does worry me its kind of sad but he never used to eat chicken nuggets and now he love them.


  2. Good idea with the pediasure. I like pudding for breakfast, too! I like to dip bananas in chocolate pudding. Yummm. Oh crap, now I want some chocolate dipped bananas. Jerk.


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