The pressure

Pardon my absence we have had some interesting family stuff going on here, and believe me if I’m given permission I will so totally tell you all about it because…WHOAH.

In the mean time.  My husband just texted that his work friend and wife might come for dinner or lunch this weekend. 


I’m a good cook.  I would go as far as to say, I’m a pretty fucking fantastic cook (fantastic cooks are allowed a few fuck ups here and there though).  When I’m cooking for family I’m good.  When my own friends come over I FREAK OUT.  I shit you not, if Ginger or my cousin Lisa come over I nearly have an aneurysm over what to cook, will they like it, will it be done on time, over cooked, under cooked…insert wine and valium here.  Then when they arrive I spend the entire meal frantically searching their meal for signs telling me if they love it or hate it.  Did they have seconds?  Did they push something aside, will the ever come back, did I fail??

So if I get that worked up over my own friends you guys can really understand how much I’m totally freaking out. I’ve suddenly forgotten every recipe I know.  I can’t remember a single good meal I’ve made.  Every thing seems yucky and gross and OH MY GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO COOK. 


6 thoughts on “The pressure

  1. I totally understand you which is why I haven’t invited other people to our house for a meal LOL. I have stopped inviting MIL over for meals because I get nervous and I panic. Anyway, I know you’ll do very good. Maybe you can let Rob ask his friends what cuisine they really like and you can go from there. Don’t forget to serve them a sinful dessert!!! You cook very well, Shannon, I’ve tried some of your recipes 😀


  2. You should make up something you need to sauté =)
    Seriously you are a FANTASTIC cook. You can go to your food blog click on any random link and make a fantastic dinner. Your blog is full of all the yummy goodness you can make. Good Luck Babe!


  3. Your food is always fabu. My vote would be for a tri tip (with your marinade, sorry rob!), mashies and umm maybe a salad, then you can grill a portabello for you. Maybe garlic bread on the side. Btw, can I come???
    Ohhh or that stuffed chicken thing you made me once a way long time ago, that was good, and impressive, something I would never make for myself.


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