A couple Vegas pics stolen from Patty

Apparently after three of those drinks there on the left I forget how much I hate to hug.

The four of us


I think Karen was trying to ground me from my drink after I lost my straw.  This was minutes before the male waiter with a red thong gave me a lap dance.


The sad part is, when Ginger saw this, she thought "I bet something happens with that thing and Shannon"

3 thoughts on “A couple Vegas pics stolen from Patty

  1. Actually I think Karen was helping you dislodge a piece of ice from your straw with another straw so you would stop flinging your straw around and trying to blow the piece of ice out of the straw. And truthfully I’m surprised the pink gorilla suit didn’t end up coming home with us one way or another…that was a fun trip, although I still wish we had gone to Panera!


  2. Haha! Looks like so much fun! You should have bought the gorilla suit! I mean, you can wear it so many places – getting groceries, picking up the kids, dropping them off for playdates. LOL!


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