Lunch box

I was browsing this blog last night.  This lady  makes the coolest little bento box lunches.  I am totally coveting those bento boxes.  I want them sooo bad but A: I can’t afford one and B: my family would disown me if I got rid of Brandons Superman lunch box.  Anyway she was making all these mini kabob things for her kids.  Brandon has been getting kind of bored with his lunch so I decided to try it this morning.  He is on a hot dog kick right now (shut up they are 100% turkey meat, no ears and hooves) so I used those, string cheese and cheddar cheese.  I made him cute little kabobs.  I can’t wait for him to see them today when he opens his lunch box.  This week when I visit the dollar store with Brandon I am going to look for some small cookie cutters.  I like how she cut mini sandwiches out and put them in the little tupperware, or made mini cheese shapes.  I’m glad I found her website, this is exactly what I needed to start sprucing up Brandons lunch box.

6 thoughts on “Lunch box

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