The makings of a chore chart

So.  After much thought I figured out Brandon’s chore/behavior chart.  The basis is this.  In the morning he has six things to complete and at night he has six things to complete (for now).  When he completes it he gets to turn over the picture to a smile face.  Every smile face will earn him a nickle.  Below that are four smile faces.  These are for attitude.  He will start every day with smile faces.  But if he doesn’t share, argues, whines, is mean, yells etc he will get a frown face.  If he has more frowns then smiles at the end of the day he can not watch TV in bed.  He has his own room now so that won’t impact Codi.  Brandon loves watching Wubzy after his bath before bed so this will really piss him off to lose that privilege.  The second bottom has a space for six days. Monday through Saturday.  I decided to give him a break on Sunday.  Every day if he has all happy faces (or more smiles then frowns) he earns a SUPER Super man sticker.  On If he has four out of six Superman stickers he gets to take his money to the dollar store.  But, if he has less then that he has to keep his money in his bank and wait until next, hoping he does better.


Here is the board.  Now!  This is a rough draft.  Tomorrow my husband is going to take all of the chore pictures to work and laminate them.  My mom is bringing me cute smiley stickers.  I plan to put the picture on a coordinating square piece of paper (red or blue, something matching my theme) and then on the other side putting the smiley.  Then husband will laminate them and I will punch a hole in the top and put it on the little rings that the circles are currently on.  Tomorrow I plan to add a cute sun to the AM side and a Moon to the PM side so he understands better which side is what.

Here is his night time list. I put it in order of what he has to do.  Eat dinner, clean up, take a bath, get his jammies on, brush his teeth and go potty.  Each time he does that he gets to turn it over to the smiley. Each smiley earns him a nickle.  So far tonight he has eaten, and picked up his toys so he is up to a whopping .10 for the night. 

Here is a rough draft of his morning.  He will need to eat, get dressed, clean up, make his bed, brush teeth and comb hair for school.

The four happy faces there are behavior.  Tomorrow I plan to put a cute picture of a TV in the center of the four smiles.  He loses smiles for yelling, not sharing, whining, not listening, being mean to Codi etc.  Two things happen when he loses smiles.  First, if he has three or more frowns he loses his TV privileges.  Second, he does not earn his superman for the day.  Rob and I decided that if he has two and two he can make a choice, lose TV or lose Superman.


Each night before bed we will come down and look at all of his smiles.  If he has completed all of his chores and has a lot of good behavior smiles he gets his Superman.  On Friday he gets to count his Supermans.  If he has four or more he gets to take all of his money and go to the dollar store.  If not, he can keep his money but no trip to the dollar store.

So far tonight it has seemed to work.  He was really excited to eat because he knew he would get a smile face when he turned it over.  Then he looked to see what happened next which was clean up.  He went and cleaned and then ran over for his smile face.  I’m hoping this will help him start doing things with out being told.  He will just get dressed in the morning with out me asking him eleventy billion times.  I also hope it will make it so I don’t have to tell him to stop jumping on the couch more then once, because if I do, instant frown which could lead to no TV or dollar store.  After a few weeks of dollar store I plan to let him cash his money in for a trip to Chuck E Cheese. 

Pray for me y’all, I sure hope this works.

8 thoughts on “The makings of a chore chart

  1. OMG – I love it! Let me know if it works! We had a wipe off board with stickers that we completed at the end of each day … we used it for about three weeks and now we just forget!!!!!
    And – this is so much nicer to look at!


  2. BRILLIANT! I love your board and it totally goes with the theme to his room. YOU ARE SO CREATIVE!
    I’m excited for Brandon! You have to keep us updated on how he is doing! YAY!


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