I should post about anniversary huh

I am supposed to do a blog about my 5 year wedding anniversary today.  That is what normal bloggers do.  But hey, I am anything but normal.  I love my husband, he is my world, but post one of those mushy gooshy blogs about love…I’m not sure who would be more embarrassed, me or him.  However, if he were ever to hijack my blog and post something smooshy to me that would under the title of super romantic and less under the title of lame or the title of WOMAN STOP POSTING MUSHY SHIT THAT MAKES ME BLUSH.

Anyway we are going to dinner at Olive Garden.  Yes I know, we are going all out huh.  The reason is because I want to eat their Zeppoli for desert.


Soft, traditional Italian doughnuts dusted with powdered sugar, served with chocolate sauce for dipping.

I was telling my friend about it when it suddenly occurred to me that I basically live my life wondering when and what my next desert will be. 

I guess that is why I also spend so much time wondering why my pants don’t fit.

But it’s okay because my shoes always fit right?

Unless I’m pregnant…which, then no nothing fits.

I have been with the same guy for 8 years and have only seen him cry twice (stop lying Rob yes you did too cry at our wedding).  My husband has seen me cry two times in the last hour. 

The way I spend my day wondering when my next desert will be, my husband wonders when his next Super Burrito will be.  That is why today for our anniversary I showed up at his work with a Chrozio Super Burrito with  THIRTY TWO OUNCE SALSA!!  Which pretty much looked like this;

Burrito + 32oz salsa = Super best wife ever

Not only did I get him the burrito I got him his favorite Starbucks drink.  It is as follows:

1 caramel frappaccino with extra sauce and extra syrup double blended extra sugary.  I think having to say that to the guy at the drive up should earn me triple brownie points for life.

Sort of like the time my husband came home with the limited edition apple pie ice cream for me.  Yeah…he was good in my book for almost an entire week which was a way long time.

The point is, five years is such a long time.  But it still feels like yesterday that I met him.  I still learn new things about him every day.  He is the only one I love to hug.  From day one I have loved his hugs.  I love his smell and how well he tolerates me.  I’ve written so much on here about how well he loves me. 

Happy Anniversary babe…I promise to always bring you burritos as long as you promise to always bring me limited edition ice cream!


9 thoughts on “I should post about anniversary huh

  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Hope your dinner at the Olive Garden was great! My fiance loves the caramel frappaccinos too. But he would love me if I got him the super size bag of ruffles, hehe! 🙂


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