Sandwich sushi, jello, and sgetti all the time

I used deli sliced cheese so it was extra thin and turkey sliced really thin.  You can’t really add much more then meat and cheese or it won’t roll up well.  Anyway I’m glad I finally tried this because Brandon really liked it and it was nice having something new to put in his lunch box.


The second time around I added a little cream cheese to keep it kind of moist.  Brandon tasted one tonight and loved it.


His lunch is all ready and waiting for him.

Next up in the lunch discussion, when ever I make spaghetti I have started making a double portion.  Then I spray some mini loaf pans with some Pam and fill them with sgetti.  I cover it up with the saran wrap stuff.  I freeze it over night.  The next day I pull them out and use my Food Saver to put them in individual bags so it doesn’t get freezer burn.  Sometimes if I’m in a hurry I will throw them all in one giant Ziplock and it works just as good.

When I first started packing Brandons lunches I would buy jello and fruit in little premade containers.  It didn’t seem to cost much at the time but one week Brandons stuff started coming back unopened and when I was throwing away a fruit cup here and a Gogurt there the dollar signs flashed in my head.  I finally realized he couldn’t open the fruit containers.  They were sealed way too tight and when he did get them open they would splash on him.  So I began opening them and putting them in a tupperware in his lunch box.  That got old really fast.  So this time while I was at the store I stocked up on treat.  I got a large container of applesauce that I can portion out into small containers.  A large thing of fruit in his favorite flavor.  Then I bought a .59 pack of jello and one of pudding.  I mixed those up when I got home so I can just scoop some out each morning.  Buying things in bulk that way made it so much easier to give him a variety during the week.  I had so many options instead of being married to a pack of fruit cups.  I took the jello and put half of it in tiny containers so I could easily toss them into his lunch.

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