Somehow Brandon convinced me to let him stay home from school today and come to work with me.  I just walked in to find him hanging from the pole in my office closet.  Why? Because, and I quote, "we are monkeys mom."  Well, that clears that up.

Codi is at that stage where he wants to do what I do.  When I put deodorant on, I have to put it on him.  If I use body spray he needs it.  Lotion, you bet.  Which is why my SON often walks around smelling like fresh country apple lotion.  He just walked in the kitchen to find me spraying my glasses with Windex.  PEASE PEASE PEASE.  BELLY PEASE.  It took me a second to realize he wanted me to Windex his belly. I said no it was for cleaning to which he let out the longest please ever in the history of pleases.  Windex, really kid, your dream to day is Windex on your belly. 

My kids just spent 20 minutes yelling at me and getting angry because they each had a care bear puzzle but one was missing a piece.  The piece has been missing for months now, but that wasn’t acceptable to them.  Brandon had the puzzle with all the pieces so Codi had to yell at him and then yell at me for not finding the missing piece.

My office is mostly set up for one kid.  I have two beds in here, but only one table and one chair etc.  So Codi is currently trying to shove Brandon out of the chair so he can sit in it.  To protect himself Brandon picked up the table and put it in his lap, it was also turned sideways so it blocked the only path Codi could use.  Thus pissing Codi off he did the only logical thing and picked up the stool he uses for his easel and started smashing Brandons table and screaming at him.  This day would be a lot easier had I just remembered to bring a second damn chair over.

Codi has also yelled at me for not letting him put on my new Venom cinnamon lip plumping stuff.  Yes son, let me burn your lips please, that is just what I want to do.  Then he got upset because I wouldn’t let him eat my chapstick which was made worse by saying he also couldnt eat my cherry lip gloss. 

In a moment of stupidity yesterday I put the dark chocolate bar that Mathers bought me in my drawer.  Codi found it about 4 seconds after walking into my office today.  I put it on my desk which was followed by 20 minutes of Pease pease pease pease pease and when I still said no he went and got Brandon and they both ganged up on me.  I gave in and gave them each about a 1/2" x 1/2" piece of chocolate and told them to SHOO FLIES.  I hid it right away and for the last 10 minutes Codi has opened every single drawer 3 times wondering where in the hell the magic chocolate bar went.

Ya’ll it is only 10:30, I foresee a long day ahead of me!

This just in.  Codi just decided to rearrange my entire office and make a super mess.  But, he is wearing the cutes pair of little girls vintage white cat eye sun glasses with pink frames and tiny pink rhinestones that I am having a hard time getting mad at him.

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