I posted a couple days ago about wanting Country Apple lotion from Bath and Body works because it had been discontinued here.  Mandy commented telling me IT NEVER WENT AWAY IN HER TOWN!!!!!!!!


**Update** Mandy was so totally right, those fuckers never took it away only in my town and it IS available online and I will have to purchase about 500 bottles of it to make sure I never run out again!

You can imagine I’m just a little annoyed, how have I gone the last eight years NOT smelling like apples when I totally could have smelled like apples.

So.  I post a challenge to you.  The first person to find and send me one of the following items wins a $20.00 gift card to Starbucks.

New York Seltzer in ANY flavor


Schweppes Raspberry Ginger Ale

Any one of the new International Delight Coffee house creamers.  I’ve seen ads, heard people talk about them BUT I CAN NOT FIND THEM.  I don’t think they exist.  I am particularly interested in the caramel machiatto flavor.  They don’t even exist on their website, but their facebook says they do.  SOME ONE HELP A GIRL OUT HERE!

5 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. Wait the Country Apple lotion still exists??? I tell you what next time I go out of town and I go to a Bath and Body I will by two for you and two for me! That is my absolute favorite!!!!!


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