Peanut Alert

For any of you who have peanut allergies or have kids with peanut allergies I thought I would post this.

This weekend we purchased the above cereal bars.  I have all three boxes of those cereals in my house.  All three are PEANUT FREE.  When we purchased this we obviously assumed they would be peanut free since they are made with the same product.  However upon reading the label ALL THREE CONTAIN PEANUTS.  One has peanut oil and two have peanut flour. I was appalled.  Yes, I should have read the labile, but am I crazy to think that if cinnamon toast crunch is peanut free, obviously their cereal bar would be too.  Here is the ingredient list for the cheerio cereal bars.

Second line from the bottom of the ingredients list’s Peanut flour.  Yet there is none in actual Cheerios.


Additional most Chex products contain peanut flour.  Cereal and chex mix. Even their new cereal bars.

I think all of their cereal besides the plain corn chex do.

And their Chex mix.

2 thoughts on “Peanut Alert

  1. I already read the labels of everything before I stick it in the cart. I am allergic to peanuts and cheddar cheese so my shopping trips usually take a bit longer because I have to read all the stupid labels especially when I buy something new. Jarret bought the variety pack once before and I was so excited because it sounded so yummy but then I read the label and they put stupid f…ing peanuts in there… I hope Jayla did not get my peanut allergy but I am refusing to give her any nuts until she’s old enough to be tested…


  2. Peanut flour? How strange! With so many people allergic to Peanuts, you would think they would have avoided such ingredients. That sucks!
    BTW, your ring shipped out today. =)


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