Paying it forward

Last week I found out I won a ring from Billie of Bugs and Snails. It arrived in the mail today in the cutest box ever.

Here is my ring

(lets ignore the printer ink on my finger I was having a battle with my printer at work)

I immediately knew this was the PERFECT go out ring, in fact I knew what dress it would go perfect with.

Doesn’t it look PERFECT for that dress.

(disclaimer: Owner of this blog would like you to know that ring would go perfect with that dress if said blog owner could actually fit in the dress anymore, blog owner would also like to note that this picture was taken one year ago, please be advised this is what Lithium does to you, thank God said blog owner is now on a new medication so more then her pinkie can fit in said dress.  Thank goodness blog owner still fits in the shoes though huh.)


So, to pay it forward I will be giving away a ring also.  A few months ago I was asked to do some advertising for Tungsten Rings. They also sent me a ring to give away.  I chose this ring.  

I realize the ring is now on sale but I was stunned at the original price.  So, I will be giving the ring away to you.  The ring is a size six, has never been worn and is still packaged in the back I received it in.  I think it looks like a perfect simple wedding ring, or a very subtle every day ring.

In order to enter to win this ring I would like you to tell me one way you have paid it forward this year.  I will pick the winner by a random number generator. 

Thank you Billie, for the ring and inspiring me to pay it forward!

14 thoughts on “Paying it forward

  1. Awesome ring, it would actually fit my fiance as a wedding band. Hmmm paying it forward…. do the times I wave people my lane when driving count? It should Philly drivers are mean.Usually they just speed up when you put your turn signal on. But then again I just don’t want my new car hit, so that’s why I let everyone in front of me.
    I also gave everyone on ebay free shipping even though that was a bad idea & I hardly made a profit! I practically gave away stuff free.
    I made desserts (cupcake bites) for all my co-workers this year. I’ve NEVER done that in 7 years I’ve worked there! Lol!
    Okay, real stuff. I sent my friend who was sick a get well card. A real card! haha! I usually do email. I also donated money to a pet shelter & my friends pet rescue twice this year. And I have to help my fiance out somehow after this devastating flood… I really want to get him a laptop for his bday/xmas. He deserves something to make up for all the loss that has happened to him in just this week.


  2. Beautiful ring! Both of them.
    Let’s see…paying it forward…Two years ago at Christmas time my parents when to visit a church in the city and they brought back the weekly bulletin that they were looking for people to knit scarves for the homeless. Instantly I knew I wanted to do this so I bought the warmest yarn I could find in the colors they specified and I knit 6 scarves for the church. I hope it kept someone nice and warm during the long NYC winters.


  3. My knitting store is doing the same thing with hats & scarves so I posted it on my blog and mentioned your giveaway. It’s a good day to pay it forward! 🙂


  4. a) sorry it took you telling me there was a giveaway to get me over here. but honestly that’s not why i came. just seeing you in my world jolted me in to realizing that i needed to get over to your world.
    b) although the ring you got is awesome and the ring you are giving away is also awesome.
    c) but i am pretty sure i am disqualified bc i honestly can’t think of paying it forward. how sad is that? i mean man i hope i did some paying it forward this year – but i am drawing a total blank??


  5. Not sure that would fit my chubby fingers, so I’ll just tell my stories:
    1. I sent a Target giftcard to a single mommy blogger last year for school supplies. This year I chose someone else, but it wasn’t a blogger. Just a single mom who needed some help with supplies.
    2. I took a friend out to dinner, paid for her anti-depressants she hasn’t been on in months because she couldn’t afford, and then gave her an extra $10 for “pocket money.” 🙂


  6. I haven’t done anything all that fantastic to pay it forward in the past year, but one thing I do sometimes that I think is helpful to other moms is offer to take their kids for a few hours so they can rest. I know moms need a break, so I try to give them one every now and then.


  7. My husband and I posted an ad on craigslist and purchased supplies for 3 families in need this school year because we had a little extra money in August.


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