Winner winner chicken dinner

The winner of the BBQ sauce is Rene.

Here is her comment

Mmmm…the ribs look amazing. I’m going to miss tomatoes the most, followed by yummy fruit, like cherries, strawberries and peaches. In the winter it seems we eat mostly bananas and apples. I’m looking forward to spoon stuff like chilli and stew.

The winner of the Pay it Forward is Mandy

Her comment was

Mandy My husband and I posted an ad on craigslist and purchased supplies for 3 families in need this school year because we had a little extra money in August.

And because it is my blog and I can do what I want, I decided to choose two more bloggers whose comments I love to send $10.00 Starbucks gift cards to.

The first one is  Just Jiff

Her comment was

Not sure that would fit my chubby fingers, so I’ll just tell my stories: 1. I sent a Target giftcard to a single mommy blogger last year for school supplies. This year I chose someone else, but it wasn’t a blogger. Just a single mom who needed some help with supplies. 2. I took a friend out to dinner, paid for her anti-depressants she hasn’t been on in months because she couldn’t afford, and then gave her an extra $10 for "pocket money." 🙂

I liked this one, because it was someone totally repaying something that actually happened to them.  I spoke with her through email and I just got that warm gooey feeling in my heart.

The second one is Fluent Brittish

I haven’t done anything all that fantastic to pay it forward in the past year, but one thing I do sometimes that I think is helpful to other moms is offer to take their kids for a few hours so they can rest. I know moms need a break, so I try to give them one every now and then.

I chose this one because SHE OFFERS TO WATCH OTHER PEOPLES KIDS FOR A FEW HOURS.  Y’all being a mom I know just how important a small break is, especially because I happen to know she has two kids of her own. 

I loved reading all of these comments.  Email me all of your addresses, and I will send your gifts out this week!

3 thoughts on “Winner winner chicken dinner

  1. Sweet jesus this week is looking up finally =) Thanks Shannon I can really use this perk… found out today the hubbs and kids have H1N1; by some dumb luck I didn’t catch it; found out today the reason I haven’t got my debit card is because it’s been activated by someone else so the bank froze our fucking account… SO WE HAVE NO USABLE MONEY… blech…. OH and it’s midterm exams too…. holy jeebus it’s nice to have something pretty to look forward too =) You’d like to think I’m making all this shit up right? ME TOO… the seriousness can be noted in the swearwords… I don’t swear… lol


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