Its like my birthday has come early

Today’s CVS savings

Todays savings

2 liter diet coke $1.99
2 liter diet coke $1.99
Bounty 6 pack select a size $10.99
Headphones $19.99
Quilted Northern 12 pack double roll $10.99
Sprite Zero 1.39
Total $47.34

Coupon for free 2 liter diet coke X 2 coupons
Total 44.75

CVS extra care bucks $3.50
Total $41.25

$10.00 of purchase of $20.00 or more x 3 coupons
total $10.55

Purchase prescription and get $25.00 gift card.
Total out of pocket ZERO

Not to mention I have $14.00 remaining on gift card


Then I got home and found a coupon for a free product of my choice from the Bath and Body signature line up to $12.00.  I heart this week

One thought on “Its like my birthday has come early

  1. Wow! You are seriously the CVS queen! I think I better start shopping at CVS more now! I got a box of cereal for a penny last week with a $2.00 coupon and .99 cents savings with my store card- but your purchases are way better!


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