Make your best guess

Have I told you yet that my husband is taking me on a secret birthday trip?  Well he is.  This is all I know so far;
We are going to San Francisco.

I am supposed to wear jeans and a cute shirt.


I know we are doing on thing today.  And a couple things tomorrow (I think)

So.  Make your best guess.  What exactly do you think my husband plans to do with me?????

I can’t wait to see your ideas, and I can’t wait to ell you what really happened.

7 thoughts on “Make your best guess

  1. I’d say…
    -the San Francisco Gourmet Chocolate and Wine Tour
    -Shopping at Fisherman’s Wharf
    -Visit Golden Gate bridge…but something tells me you wont go to Alcatraz but if you do! YAY! Shannon
    – Maybe ride the Cable Cars
    Have a great time!!!!!


  2. How about the True Blood Halloween Party Tonight with the best of the Burning Man, LoveFest friends. O ya that’s where I want to be.


  3. Ummm…it’s Tuesday, don’t you think you should tell your loyal blog readers what your lovely husband surprised you with???


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