I might never eat again

A few months ago Rob and I were watching Diners Drive Ins and Dives and Guy went to some place that had these amazing make your own s’mores.  Later in that episode he went to an ice cream place.  I commented to Rob that I could have an entire weekend surrounded by nothing but food.  While we were watching Rob was texting the whole time and I was getting really pissed off.  I kept asking who he was texting that was so important he couldn’t watch TV with me.  He shot me a dirty look and kept texting.

A few weeks ago we were in bed watching a show called Chef Vs City.  At one point in the show they went to a place called One Ferry Plaza.  I commented about how much I would love to go there.  It was surrounded by amazing food and I just knew I had to be there some day.

On Friday Rob and I headed to San Francisco.  He put directions in his iPhone and handed it to me.  My job was to lead him to the address specified.  When we arrived it simply said we had arrived at our destination.  We got out of the car and walked to a place I had never heard of.  When we sat down at the table he told me that we were at the place featured on the show with the S’mores.  Then he informed me that the entire weekend would be surrounded by food.  By places I had seen on TV.  The meal was amazing.  Fresh and hot.  so hot you knew it had been made right that second.  The macaroni and cheese was made with REAL CHEESE.  The S’mores came out and OH MY LORDY.  Home made graham crackers, freshly roasted marshmallows and melted chocolate.  You took the cracker dunked it in the marshmallow and then swirled it around in chocolate.  Then, you let the chocolate drip all over as you ate it. 

After the meal I asked how on earth he remembered all of this.  He told me that day when I got mad at him for texting he was actually in the note section on his phone writing down the name of each place we saw so he wouldn’t forget.  Oops.  Guess I shouldn’t have been mad.

The following morning we had to get up very early and I was instructed once again to direct him somewhere.  First though, Rob took me to Petes Coffee so I could get a taste of my favorite coffee while in California.  We arrived at a place called Dotties.  It was a breakfast place that was so good people would wait in line for hours and hours to get in.  Since we arrived early our wait was only about ten minutes.  As people were leaving they would look at us and say "it was totally worth it."  Oh my fucking God were they ever right.  I walked in to discover everything was home made and piping hot.  I ordered the sweet potato, gruyere, and caramelized onion tart. It was a fucking orgasm in my mouth.  Flaky crust.  Savory and sweet at the same time.  Hot and fresh.  My meal came with fresh biscuits that I slathered in home made raspberry jam.  We also ordered a cinnamon roll to go (that is what they were famous for on the show) and tried their black apricot coffee cake.  At this point I was not sure if I could ever eat again. 

We left and went to visit Robs grandma.  WE also picked up his uncle who took us to our next location.  We arrived in front of a giant blue building. One Ferry Plaza.  THE PLACE FROM THE SHOW.  The place I was dying to go to.  It was surrounded by a giant farmers market.  We tasted the best cherry tomatoes.  The freshest salsa.  The naughtiest chocolate ever.  From there we went inside where I tasted all the olive oil I could, vinegar’s, chocolate bread etc.  I was in food heaven. 

I was given another set of directions and we arrived at Bi Right Creamery.  An ice cream place that made the worlds best ice cream.  At this point I could no longer eat any more food.  I was full for about 500 days.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing the weekend was.  We spent the weekend just being together.  It was much needed.  Lots of hand holding, hugging and delicious food.  Probably the best weekend I could imagine.  So, you were all wrong, but what he did was much better.  A whole weekend surrounded by food, alone just he and I, just like I always wanted.

13 thoughts on “I might never eat again

  1. OMG! Your husband is awesome! What a great surprise. I love diners drive ins and dives! What a great idea too! My fiance & I can lay in bed and plan where we’re gonna eat the next day or the day after, haha!


  2. Quite possibly the sweetest thing possible – a guy listening and following through on your desires. ACK! So excited for you. And you can totally leave the descriptions out next time because YUM sounds delic!!


  3. Wow, as someone who plans my vacations around where I am going to eat I am just dying of jealousy. What makes me even more jealous is that your husband not only listened to you but wrote it down and planned it out. You’ve got a keeper.


  4. At least she didn’t post pictures! She was sending me pictures all morning of the wonderful things she was eating while I was eating cinnamon toast crunch on my couch…so not fair!


  5. My gal Jenn did the same thing for me on my birthday but we went to all 7 spots in Utah.
    It’s fun to have those great weekends and it’s even better to go to a place you see on TV.
    Nice job hubby πŸ™‚


  6. Be careful what you say about Rob, we may all come to steal him from you. Hehee.
    What an awesome birthday weekend! I love the city. It is my very favorite place to be! I’m so jealous. I want that smores!


  7. I love Rob!!! What a fantastic birthday weekend and how thoughtful that he was planning it while you were getting mad at him for texting haha!


  8. oooh my comments are finally working!! I tried to post on your post about your song…I said glad you found it and yay for hitting the gym (ok that was the very short version but you get the point πŸ™‚ )


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