Oy Vey

I have to shave my legs before I wash them

I have one black hair on my boob and it drives me nuts, thank God I haven’t cut off my nipple shaving it

I used to have my nipples pierced

My belly button has been pierced three separate times

I love my toenails to be clean

I won’t touch my feet

I believe that brushing my teeth in the shower gets them cleaner then in the sink

I have a hard time remembering to floss

Every time I go to the dentist they catch me

I hate the Stairmaster, and if you see one on fire, to quote Dre and Eminem, When the cops show up I’ll be next to a burnt down Stairmaster, with a can full of gas and a handful of matches still wasn’t found out!

I may or may not have rocked out to that song by Poison on the way home EVERY ROSE HAS A THORN, JUST LIKE EVERY COWBOY HAS A SAD SAD SONG.

I am embarrassed I knew who sang that song

I secretly love Cher


I am obsessed at becoming a champ at the Plank position at the gym

I shook like a leaf the other day trying it

I have tickets to the midnight showing of New Moon Thursday night.

I am tempted not to drink anything the entire day so I don’t risk having to pee while Edward is on the screen.

I burned myself cooking last night…how am I still such a rookie

It took me forever to write this blog because I never have time anymore

I am so behind on reading blogs

Please don’t leave me…I’ll try and read better

I am wearing some cute tights with my CFM boots, on anyone else these would be cute, on me..it looks like I stuffed sausages into a black patterned casing

My four year old is the captain of whineville

My two year old is mayor of tantrum land

Can I be the President of take a hot bath, eat bon bons, drink wine and relax world

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