Dear husband, Next time rethink the free toilet paper

About a month ago my husband texts me saying that his work is getting rid of a big box of toilet paper.

"They are just throwing it away babe."

I asked him what kind, was it good, was it soft?  He said it didn’t matter he would put it in his bathroom.


You know the one downstairs.  That he uses, that I use, that our kids use and that EVERY SINGLE VISITOR TO OUR HOUSE USES!

Here he comes home with the biggest box of SINGLE ply toilet paper ever. 

First.  Did you know you need to use about 4 times the amount of single ply toilet paper as you do triple ply.  Huh, seems like a company would save a buck buying the nice shit to start with.

Anywho, I’m over his cheap ass toilet paper.  I feel bad for my company who come here to have a pleasurable bathroom experience only to have them end up shredding their asshole with my husbands FREE single ply toilet paper.

Honey, next time take the toilet paper and find some nice young kids to give it to, let them go toilet paper someones house with it mmmkay.



My delicate girl parts need softer tissue please

4 thoughts on “Dear husband, Next time rethink the free toilet paper

  1. I remember when we were at school we had that kind of toilet paper and it was awful!
    Hope you recover from your bad toilet paper experience soon!
    Love and hugs Tabitha XXXX


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