At least I wasn't the only one who fucked up on Thanksgiving

This year my mom decided she was going to bake pumpkin pies.  I was pretty shocked because A: she doesn’t really cook (she has been lately), and B: the extent of her baking is cookies.  Wait, that isn’t true, she does make some very…ummm, adult looking gingerbread cookies.

Anyway she calls me midway through making her second pie freaking out because she forgot to get two cans of sweetened condensed milk.  She was driving store to store to store and relying on my dad to pull her first pie from the oven with out burning it.

Here is the first pie that my dead watched over so well


I would say he was awful at babysitting pie huh?

So about 20 minutes later I get a call from my mom.

Me: Hello


Me: Ummm why.

Turns out when she was looking for the can of condensed milk they had moved it all to the end isle and her and some lady had been looking for so long that when she found it she just grabbed a can and left.   It appears her first pies were made of this:

Do you notice a difference?

He he he

So finally she gets her pies made and puts them outside to cool.  My dad and the boys are outside playing and my dad came in for a second.  Mom walked out to find this:


So my mom finally shows up to Thanksgiving with her perfect pies that ended up looking like that.

From there we had our nice dinner and then tried to take a family picture.  Most of them ended up like this:

Finally after a lot of trying we got one decent one


From there Rob and I tried to take a Thanksgiving photo.  Last year we took one on the steps and it was so cute I figured we should take the same one each year.  Six of those photos came out like this:


Finally we got a sort of good one,


To add insult to injury I also totally jinxed myself.  I was alone that morning cooking.  When I was done I texted Ginger about how seriously clean my kitchen was.  I was like there are no dishes the counters are clean wtf this can’t be my kitchen.  She was pretty proud of me.  I replied to her that something was going to go wrong, I would have to spill something big, or mess something up.  Sure enough about 10 minutes before the entire meal was done I knocked the very large very full pan of gravy over.  Luckily I saved it and we still had a lot, however my floors walls and cabinets also had a lot.  I was right.  Somehow I had foreseen my future and I just knew that me, Shannon , could not go a single day with out making a stupid mess like that.  Ask my husband, I have never gone a single day with out spilling something on my shirt.  I made it until 4pm a few weeks back and texted him about how proud I was.  An hour late I spilled something on me, I don’t remember what but I do know it stained and it was bad.  On my way to Katies sons birthday a few months back I got dressed up really cute.  We stopped at Starbucks and I got an iced latte.  We pulled out onto the road and exactly 43 seconds later I spilled over half of it down my white shirt.  So now, I had to walk into Katies house holding my arm over my chest and get a shirt.  So here I am walking around in my cute pants, cute shirt, cute hair with a giant UNR shirt that didn’t match and made me look dumb,  I don’t know how I couldn’t have expected to spill on Thanksgiving.

Either way it turned out great and we all had fun.  I would say this was one of the best Thanksgivings ever.

 **I should add that as I was going to hit the post button on this post I managed to knock over my entire cup of coffee onto a very important paper.  SEE I’m not lying I can’t be trusted with food or drinks.

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