And now I am a twelve year old

When Rob’s parents were here for Brandons birthday they bought us a Wii to replace the one that was stolen at our old house.  We only had one game this time, the sport one.  Rob saw a new Mario game and my eyes lit up.  I had to have that game.  This weekend my mom went to Winnemucca to help take kids who can’t afford a Christmas shopping at Walmart.  As a present she brought me back the Mario game. 

Yeah, I might as well be in 4th grade again.  I don’t want to share, I get all frustrated when Brandon goes the wrong way, I have gotten very competitive and basically I did not want to turn off the game.  I threw little tantrums when I didn’t get to play, or when I didn’t get to do it my way.  In other words I was very adult about the whole thing!

In fact I am about as hooked on Mario as I am on my Twilight books.  Unfortunately I can’t play Mario in bed the same way I can read a book. 

I am already wanting to google Mario cheats because there are so many things I really want to do.  How do I get to the canon on the map?  Can I warp? Are there any secret worlds?

So, if any of you happen to know some cheats you should for sure share with me!!!!

Have any of you played it?  Are you as hooked as me?

I feel bad for my husband because I don’t even want to share with him.  However, even though I love playing the game apparently according to my husband I "suck" at the game.  When I play with him he has a habit of telling to just float in a bubble while he passes the level 😦  I really frustrated him because I kept putting myself in a bubble right when he was about to die, which killed both of us.  Y’all I totally drove him nuts.  I think he wanted to throw my ass out by the 14th time I made us both die.  Psh, who cares right, that just means I can start over and be more familiar with level one.  

How sad is it that I only made it two levels into world 2.  Hmmm, maybe I really do suck.

Anyway, just wanted to update you and tell you what a child I am.  Strange how things are able to bring the little kid out of you.

7 thoughts on “And now I am a twelve year old

  1. It’s called New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Well, what she didn’t tell you was that you can play up to four people at the same time. So we were playing two’s the whole time.


  2. Oh my frickety, frick frick fricken gawd. I just bought a Wii for the whole family to open on Christmas morning. So excited. I have the hubs researching games like a madman, since we can only afford a few right now…
    P.S. I know I still totally owe you a review of the nail BAR. Let me just say right now that it was so awesome! So fucking awesome!!!!!! Loved every minute of it!


  3. I SO want that game! I heard the music on the tv when I was in the kitchen and I came tearing into the living room to see what it was for. We have a wii, so I want that game!


  4. It gets confusing when the two are just jumping around. You kind of forget who you are. It’s so hilarious and fun. It’s a must get.


  5. You do know that was one of your Christmas presents. Little shit head would not let me out of the store with out it. With all the other kids getting Christmas presents I just couldn’t let him not get one. He was so happy to know my cousin’s daughter had a Wii so he could play it right away. It was so funny he woke up in the middle of the night at my Uncles house and wanted it. I went and got it off the table and he slept with it all night and never let it go. It’s cool because its easy and fun for him just like the very first Mario.


  6. Howdy Stranger!
    Don’t own it; have played it … I love it =) A new super mario galaxy is launching around Janaury too =)
    My wii addiction of choice is still mario kart… there is just something so satisfying about pushing other agressive jerks around after a long day =)


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