It can't really be Christmas yet

I am failing at Christmas this year.  Want proof?

I have not bought a single present

This might be because I have not figured out a single present.  

That includes my kids, husband, family and friends


I usually bake for Christmas which I so plan to do (because if Katie doesn’t get her cookie dough balls I might be permanently disowned), however I have zero idea what I am baking besides the cookie dough and hot cocoa

I am so lame that when my mom asked what I wanted for Christmas I answered SOCKS

Yes socks.  What kind of fucking moron wishes for socks at Christmas?  Me

I included photos of the type of socks I like

Because I wasn’t already lame enough

I have not made nor sent out Christmas cards

I have not even had the pictures taken of us for our Christmas cards

The idea of taking pictures kind of makes me want to barf

I assume no one would like a photo of barfy Shannon with cute family for Christmas

I seriously have NO IDEA what to get my husband


My husband the easiest person on the planet to shop for and I’ve got nothin

I might as well be sitting here with a blank stare and my tongue hanging out drooling like a fucking idiot

Seriously fail Christmas y’all

I need help.  Tell me something to get me in the spirit please.


A good joke

Some great gift ideas

How much of a moron I am

Really tell me anything!


3 thoughts on “It can't really be Christmas yet

  1. Just reading that makes me panic for you a little. I am so not a last minute holiday person.
    This year we put pretty candy cane light things outside and just up and decided we were done decorating the outside. With a few candy canes. So not like us, but I don’t even care. We’re just going to have to take them down in a month anyway.
    So! Get thee to Amazon (free super saver shipping!) and shop till you drop. They have everything, so you’ll find something from the comfort of your own laptop. Hooray! Can’t help you with the baking. I fail at baking.


  2. You’re not a moron & you’re not failing – you’re procrastinating! Sounds so much better…
    I’d tell you a joke but this procrastinating thing is doing a real number on my sense of humour. 😉
    (thanks for the visit)


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