And then it just stopped

My mom took my car to Carson twice last week and my shiny white car came back  black.  I tolerated it for a few days but this morning I was done.  I needed it washed.  I went through one of those touchless washes for a $5.00 wash.  I pulled in and the little thingie started shooting the water and soap all over my car.  It went towards the back of my car and then….it just stopped.  I sat there for a minute thinking maybe there was a small power glitch or something and that maybe it would come back.  NOPE.  So I’m sitting here, my windows covered in soap wondering what the hell just happeend.  I pulled out, drove around and found an attendent.  He told me that somehow I had put my car in park about an inch too far from the sensor so after it went back the first time it just up and decided my car was gone and stopped.  WHAT THE SHIT!  He ended up getting me a new wash but seriously how does a fucking car wash thing just stop?  I felt like such a tool just sitting there waiting, especially since I found out that he had known and was just watching me sit there and waiting to see how long it would take for me to figure out what happened.  Awesome.

7 thoughts on “And then it just stopped

  1. Once upon a time…I ran off the little track thing in a car wash b/c I had the car in drive instead of neutral. I had to open the door & get out with the whole car wash going. I walked out of the opening of the car wash—-soaked! Covered in pink & blue suds, to ask the gas station attendant to turn off the machine.
    Now—I don’t EVER go in those things. I make hubby drive my car through every now & then…..
    In other news:


  2. Was in blockbuster the other night and they had rearranged their entire store. Needless to say, I tried to walk to checkout the same way I always do, while reading the back of the movie box and almost collided with the stupid movie rack. I looked up and made a noise, then realized the two guys who work there were cracking up. Which ironically made me laugh too. But funnier was, when I was being rang up, another guy moved the unit and then left it there after walking through. The clerks said they laugh at this all day.


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