You guys are going to be SO mad at me

First of all I want to say thank you for all of the concerned comments and e-mails.  I had no idea I was loved this much.  I do need to tell you more though before Jiff has a fucking coronary and Laine punches me in the eye.  I can’t tell you how many worried texts and e-mails I got from people thinking Rob and I were getting divorced because of my previous post.  By the way my husband says SHAME ON YOU for thinking we would break up, and that we would do it at Christmas.  But whooo boy I sure know not to leave you guys hanging like that again huh, you all think the worst…Sorry guys.

All the time I’ve lived alone I’ve never "really" had a place of my own.  Sure I owned a house when I was 18 but it was never really decorated set up to make it feel like MY space.  Since Rob moved in it has gotten worse.  He has always had some kind of space.  When he moved in the guest room was all his, he had a comfy chair and ottoman with his TV and all his game shit.  When Brandon was born we made him a man cave in the garage.  When we moved into the new house he again had his own room.  When Codi was born I allowed him to move all his game and TV shit into our bedroom.  Notice a trend here, I still had no where for me.  When it was time to move into our current house we decided Rob would again get his own room in the second living room.  The main living room would be mine.  But come on, everyone enters and leaves through that room.  You can’t go upstairs with out coming through my living room.  I obviously can’t scrap book or do art in this room, and the one time I tried scrapbooking on the kitchen table all hell broke loose.  The last straw came when the train table entered our house.  There was toys all over my fucking living room, it wasn’t even kind of mine any more and I was angry.  How could I read a book in my pretty comfy girly flower chair when my two asshole kids were fighting over something retarded like a piece of lint on the floor.  

That was it. I was fed up.  I moved the kid shit in Rob’s room (on one side of it, he still has an entire side with all his shit in it) and put my desk in the living room.  Admittedly I can now read a book in peace but I can’t do much more.  One day while stupidly browsing the Pottery Barn Teen website (it’s like crack) I came across this chair.

I showed my mom and said, man if this shit had been around when I was little I so would have wanted it, OR if I had an actual space of my own, a real office, a craft room, any thing, this was the kind of stuff I would want.

A few months back my mom and another girl in the office began purging all of our old files from the shed outside.  I thought nothing of it.  Then she had a window installed.  Still NOTHING.  Christmas morning they let me see my room.  Here are some pictures, it is no where near finished I still need to move ALL of my stuff into it but IT IS MINE.  Mine Mine Mine, not yours but MINE.

As you can see I AM MOVING OUT!  I am taking my shit and running.  No kids allowed.  No husband allowed.  No anyone allowed.  In fact my first response (before I knew what was in the room) was that I was taking my Twilight books and my bean bags and locking myself in!  Anyway, here are some pics of my new room.  I will take some better ones when it is all the way done.


When you walk in you see this.  Don’t you love my pretty pretty pink princess paint?  Seriously y’all I love the pink.  It just solidifies the fact that it is MINE NO BOYS ALLOWED.

This is my little sewing area.  I have been dying to learn to sew.  The desk was my moms from when she was little.  It had been in my house for a while but once I moved my big monster desk into my living room my cute little desk was tossed aside. I heart that desk.

This is my craft table.  I am already dreaming of the mess I can make with scrap booking junk.  I will also use this to measure my fabric and create my master pieces (ie…learning to sew in a straight line).

Next you will find my armoire.  This is where I plan to cram all of my junk.  Scrap book paper, scissors, stickers various scrap booking paraphernalia, sewing stuff, fabric, and any other girl thing I can possibly think of.

They also got me a photo printer with pre-cut photo paper.  I printed out my very first 4 x 6 photo right on the spot.  I can even wi-fi print and guess what I get wireless internet so I can take my computer into MY room and watch New Moon and Twilight with NO kids bugging me, and no husband making fun of my love for Edward.

My dad even loved me enough to give me my very own heater.  Phew, by the time we were done bringing stuff in the room I was sweating.


Then I realized my mom got me my very own Viking sewing machine.  That machine is smarter then me.  Seriously it took me about 4 hours to figure out how to thread the fucker.  But guess what?  She was smart enough to get me a class so I can figure that shit out.



And then since that wasn’t all enough my mom got me a class to finally learn to knit.  I’ve been wanting to learn since my grandma died and guess what I FAIL at teaching myself how.  So, someone is going to teach me and I am guaranteed to make a scarf by the end, so yeah, family you will all be getting scarves next year for Christmas.

Here is the wool yarn she bought me to learn with, it is so damn pretty I want to frame the yarn rather then knit with it.


And because I am special my husband finally got my slippers.  Let me tell you a little story about these slippers.  A few years ago my husband asked for some Ugg slippers.  I bought him these.

I thought nothing of them.  I have not owned slippers since Brandon was born.  Seriously I have really not had slippers in four years.  Very slowly in the last year I have found my feet sneaking into my husbands slippers.  They were the slippers of my dreams.  It felt like walking on clouds.  And every night my husband would come home to find his slippers upstairs by my closet instead of downstairs in the laundry room where he takes his shoes off every night.  Often I would get texts from him asking where in the hell his slippers where.  Every time the response would be, near my chair, my couch, my closet or any other place that I WOULD BE.  It drove him bonkers.  I started dropping hints that maybe just MAYBE I should get my own slippers.  Christmas morning when I opened the box with these suckers in them I was thrilled.  I crammed them on my feet and all but wished death on anyone who dared to put their feet in my little fluffy pillows of heaven.  Mine are a much prettier brown.

And because my husband would kill me if I didn’t mention this, I was also given the following by him:


And finally to round out the Christmas gifts I received this picture from my parents.

Doesn’t it totally remind you of the Christmas Story movie?

18 thoughts on “You guys are going to be SO mad at me

  1. OMG! I SO WANT TO KICK YOUR ASS RIGHT NOW!!! I love your room and wish I had my own girly room. I’m so jealous!! I want to learn to knit and sew too. I have a sewing machine and have made a ton of pillows but nothing else.
    I’m excited for you. I’m so glad you and Rob are okay. Shame on you for letting us think that you were getting separated! 🙂


  2. I love the room, and gosh, your very own room, how awesome!!!! Jarret always says how he wants a game room once we get a really big house but I told him too what about me????? I want my own room too and the living room or kitchen does NOT count!!!!
    Love the picture with Santa. I guess two year olds just do not like him. Jayla was screaming so much they did not even get to take a picture 😉


  3. OMG yay! Love the room, so awesome. It is crazy I have been sewing and knitting too. You got me all riled up right now, I have jazz hands. I have a few different books that are great. The book that I learned to knit from is titled, Knitting the author is Anne Akers Johnson, super easy if I can do it anyone can. I have made a wrap and started a sweater and of course scarves. A few sewing books I have are “Weekend Sewing” by Heather Ross, “Seams to Me” by Anna Maria Horner and “Handmade Home” by Amanda Blake Soule. They are all so good. All I have sewed as of yet are aprons. Keep me updated if you come across any good web sites or books. If you get a chance check out the books on Amazon.


  4. Oh my gosh, I am right there with Jiff and want to kick your ass! 🙂 I can’t believe you would do that to us! I totally was all in knots and worried and wondering what the hell could have happened and there’s no way that anything could have happened because they are so sweet and Rob did that super sweet Foodie trip so there can’t be something bad that happened and and and… whew! I was so relieved when I checked this morning and saw that everything is okay. And I am SUPER jealous of your room! I love, love, LOVE IT! You are so loved 🙂 Love the pic of the boys, too. Connor had his first Santa experience, and it went pretty well… no tears, thank goodness. He just kept grabbing Santa’s beard and trying to eat it, hehehe…


  5. Wow! This is great! We don’t have kids yet, so I’ve been able to have a craft room for a couple of years now…and it’s FABULOUS! I hope you enjoy yours! I also just learned to sew in a mostly straight line, but my sewing machine is really old school and inherited from my grandmother-in-law. I filled my craft room with adorable bright green boxes from IKEA that come in all different sizes and have cute little white labels on them. I have “ribbon”, “stamps”, “wire”, “paper tools”, “paint”, and so much more! It’s like heaven. Unfortunately, mine doesn’t have heat…I need to get a heater like yours! Enjoy your space!!!


  6. Clicked through via the BlogHer ads, and I just wanted to say I am SICK with jealousy over your awesome room! With a lock and everything! I have been trying to think of ways to get one of those for myself, and I may have to commandeer an unused (and, sadly, unheated) sunroom for my sewing and general sanity.
    What a perfect gift, lucky you!


  7. I just found your blog. It’s really funny, so glad I did. I would love a pink room and a twilight travel mug -oh well (maybe in the future!) Does your key really lock everyone else out?!


  8. For the record I never thought you were leaving Rob…you too are so freaking cute together!
    I LOVE YOUR ROOM! I want to come over and play! I can teach you to knit and you can teach me to scrapbook! 🙂
    Your parents did a great job on the room! You totally deserve it!


  9. Sooooo friggin jealous. I do have 2 girls and a boy…but the house is just full of toys…and man shit. Livingroom full of my husbands fave team pics like we live in a frat house and just toys, toys, toys for as far as the eye can see.. EVERYWHERE. I Luhhhvv your room. Too bad my hubs would not have a clue to do such a sweet thing…my mom on the other hand…I might start dropping hints ASAP. 🙂


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