Your body is a wonder land…mine is more like a produce isle **UPDATED**


Do you ever look in the mirror and think to yourself, huh, my stomach kind of looks like a big fat orange, my thighs resemble pears, my breastfeeding boobs look like saggy pancakes and I have a melon for a head?


No.  Oh, Um, me neither.

**UPDATE** Lainey and Christy said I needed a food for my arms, so please see revised body below

Because obviously my arms jiggle like Jell-O

12 thoughts on “Your body is a wonder land…mine is more like a produce isle **UPDATED**

  1. LOL, sorry but the picture was freaking hilarious!
    And yeah, I think most of us have days like that. Before pregnancy made me boobs nice and big again mine were awful too and I don’t even wanna know how they are going to look after the next one… I know before we had kids Jarret always said I could get a boob job after having kids but now he says that he never ever said that 😦


  2. Yes, actually, I do.
    But you left off the arms.
    I mean—you have stick arms in your picture above, but me—not so much.
    What shall be the food equivalent of the arms I’m sporting (and the fat that I seem to store there!)?


  3. OMG… Thanks I needed a good laugh today. I can totally relate. I have to say though that Jello arms or not I still wear sleeveless tops in the summer. I refuse to sweat to death out of pride.


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