It's been a while since I did this post

Some people like to do the game where they type in their name plus NEEDS in a google search engine and see what pops up, then post it. 

Some people like to go into their statistics and see what people googled to find them.

Me however.  I like to tell you all the names of the pornos on my TV.

You see.  I am in my living room and I was watching a show, but I finished and decided to read.  However I am too lazy to grab the other remote across the room to turn off the TV so I start scrolling up through my Dish to find the music channel.  Here is what I came upon before locating my music:

Boat Bangers: Seaman sluts

1st Time Auditions 3

Big Black Booty 5

BJ Honeys

Big Boob Patrol 2

Amateur MILF sex 2

Girl on Girl-Me So Horny

Cheatin Wives Sex Affairs

Nude Wild Wet Honeys

Soccer Moms Sex Fest

Adult Guard Support


Now first!  What is up with the mom stuff.  MILFS, wives and soccer moms.  Okay.  So this might just be me but…really.  While I know a few hottie moms I just have to say, the thought of most of the soccer moms I know in a porn would automatically turn it into a comedy.  I also want to know what kind of man would want to watch a porn about soccer moms.  Not to mention cheating wives. I would love to see what the considered "soccer moms."  Because I’m pretty sure the 18 year old stick figure with triple E boobs does not qualify as a soccer mom.  I mean, seriously she would totally choke a baby if she nursed him on those boobs, let alone be smart enough to drive him to soccer.  I do give credit to the Boat Bangers one…Seaman Sluts, very clever name.  That one brought a giggle out of me.  I forget how funny this shit is, I really should scroll up higher on the TV channels more often just for a good laugh.  So tell me, which of these titles is your favorite?

One thought on “It's been a while since I did this post

  1. FYI: “Big Oreo Lovin’ ” is NOT a documentary about the family-favorite-cookie.
    I’m just sayin’
    And here are some porn titles that just might work for me:
    “Honey, I’m doin’ the dishes.”
    “Sweetie, the laundry is all done.”
    “I thought we might spend the weekend driving to your mom’s house to hang out.”
    “I got us a sitter so that we could go for mani-pedis…together.”


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