The story of a tattoo

Okay.  I will tell you this story if you PROMISE NOT TO LAUGH AT ME.  Capeesh.

I have a giant crush on Tommy Lee. I know I know, I don’t get it either but DUDE something about that guy really gets my engines going.  Not to mention the drums, my God drums are hot.  

(Insert longing sigh here).

When I was pregnant with Brandon, Tommy’s book came out.


My favorite part of the book is when he talked about the time his son walked up and wrote his name on his wrist.  Tommy thought it was so cool he had his other son come in and do it and then called his tattoo artist right up and had it tattooed right then and there.  From that moment on I knew, I would have those same tattoos.


Seee dude how could anyone not be crushing on that, with his nice very in shape body, and all those delicious tattoos, and that obviously rugged bad boy look, that is an actual bad boy look, not some look Hollywood forced upon a guy. And honestly after reading his book, and reading the….things he got away with in Motley Crue, the unfathomable things they did for his drum solo performances, I really dare you not to form a teeny little crush either.  Go on, I dare you.

I loved that the names were actually written by his boys.  I think it is cute that Dylans name is part big letters and little letters, and of the letters on Brandons name is backwards.  I finally saved the money and went for it.  Codi’s name will come next, the second he writes his name the first time I’ll be down at that shop, Codi will be in green.


But it gets better.  Last week Rob came to me and said that he had an idea for a tattoo but he wanted to surprise me.  Later in the day he said he wanted to tell me in case I wouldn’t like it.  Finally he told me that he wanted to tattoo my name on his ring finger.  This was so special to me because A: he always said he would never have a girls name tattooed on him.  And B: he wanted to do it because he has to take his ring off for work, and although he wears it on a chain around his name, it’s never felt the same, so he figured he could get a permanent ring for me.  

I started laughing right away.


(look very closely you can see Pams, and Tommys is visible between her pointer and second finger.)

Rob just looked at me, rolled his eyes and said, "Of course Tommy Lee would have that, of course."   After he left I googled pictures to find their ring tattoos and emailed him right away saying SEE SEE IT’S FATE.  

Can you even imagine how stoked I was? MY NAME!  The same way Pam and Tommy did it.  I was thrilled.  It felt like it must fate.  I was amazed he would do that just to show his love for me.  Of course they broke up which led to him blacking it out some.  I was pretty devestated because in my mind they should be together forever.  She was ever in his book talking too him and teasing him.  They were laughing and talking like old friends as the ghost writer wrote the book.

And although I realize there are skeptics out there saying this might not last forever. He and I both believe it will.  My tattoo is currently being drawn up, it is a rather large tattoo for my back including the boys names and birthdays and then in the center R&S with our wedding date.  I want it weaved into the eternity symbol.  My husbands friend is an amazing artist so I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Anyway, there you have it, one of my dirty little secrets, I am totally in love with Tommy Lee (he is second on my list of people, following Edward of course.)

I can’t wait to see what commonality we will find next.  (Aside from my obvious addiction to tattoos, I swear if I had tons of money sitting around I would have some pretty cool shit on my body already.) Will Brandon or Codi grow up and suddenly want to be drummers? (omg I hope it’s Brandon because all the ladies already want him.)  Will Rob and I wind up with a stripper pole in our room one day? (Non likely, but then again I never thought he would tattoo my name on his body either.) No matter what it is, I am convinced there will be more in our lives that somehow intertwine together the way they already have.


Okay…I’m done writing, so you can go ahead and laugh at me.

4 thoughts on “The story of a tattoo

  1. I love ring tats, but I heard that sometimes the finger doesn’t look so hot? Perhaps it’s all in the artist?
    I have a tat on my leg and I’m getting my husbands last name (obviously now my last name too) added to it. I just didn’t do it when I go the tat because we weren’t legal yet and I felt superstitious about that.
    And if I had loads of money, I also would have some pretty bad ass stuff going on myself. I have SO many freakin’ ideas!


  2. I have to agree there is something very sexy about the bad boy thing he has going on. And I love the new tattoo! I am so jealous that Rob is so sweet and is going to do the ring-name… maybe I’ll have a talk with hubs and tell him that all the good husbands are doing it, lol. I have a tattoo on my back that I had done when I was 18 that I HATE HATE HATE, and I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to get to cover it (it’s just a bitty thing, but still). I love the idea of getting my son’s name… I’ll have to play around with it.


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