And suddenly I seem so very very normal

 My cousin sent me this link from our local paper today.

In case you haven’t clicked the link yet, here is how it starts:

Sandra Williams was devastated in 1991 when her sister, Charlene Apling Edwards, was killed.

Williams dealt with the grief for years before being told of an even more nightmarish crime – her sister’s body was sexually assaulted by a Hamilton County morgue worker as it was awaiting autopsy.

Did you catch that?

her sister’s body was sexually assaulted by a Hamilton County morgue worker as it was awaiting autopsy.

Bet you want to click that link now.  I don’t even know what to think of a story like this.  Aside from the eww factor the obvious Shannon things go through my head.  How does that even work?  Aren’t there usually more then one person in a morgue? Wouldn’t it be hard to climb up on the table and not have the dead girl fall off under you.  Wouldn’t it smell?  THE SMELL!

Here are a few of the parts of the story that stuck out to me:

"Douglas was sentenced to three years in prison Tuesday for having sex with the corpses of Apling and Angel Hicks. That’s in addition to the three-year prison term imposed on him in 2008 after he pleaded guilty to having sex with the corpse of Karen Range who was murdered in 1982. He had sex with Range’s corpse which was bloody, its head almost severed and had been stored in the morgue cooler for hours."

"He raped a five-months pregnant dead woman,” Apling, now in his mid-20s, said."

“There is no excuse for my crime,” Douglas told the judge. “If I wasn’t under the influence, this never would have happened.”

Huh, so it’s all okay because he was drunk/on drugs right? I watched the video where he says he is sorry and it’s been on his conscious since then.

It looks like he would have been about 29 the first time they caught him and 37 the next time.  He worked there from 1976-1992.  Are you really going to tell me in 16 years that only happened two times?  And that it was 8 years between incidents.  Bullshit.  Looking a little further into it, it seems like he was already serving three years for a previous case and is going to do three more for the two most recent ones to come to light.

More information can be found here.

Now, 26 years later, DNA evidence has allegedly uncovered who did rape Karen Range – however the answer has the country reeling in disgust with the answer. That’s because authorities now believe Karen Range was sexually assaulted as her cold body laid in the city morgue.

Investigators finally found a match to the semen found inside Karen Range’s body. It came when 55 year old Kenneth Douglas was arrested in March on drug charges. During that arrest, a DNA sample was obtained which prosecutors say provides a positive match to the DNA obtained from the murdered woman’s body.

According to police, Douglas worked at the morgue from 1976 to 1992 and was responsible for checking Range’s body into the morgue soon after the murder occurred. Hamilton County Prosecutors say Douglas’ job provided him the opportunity to sexually assault Range’s unwashed body after it had been stored in the cooler for approximately four hours.

As if I wasn’t grossed out enough, the bottom of the above story mentioned this.

In either event, this isn’t the first incidence of a morgue or hospital employee raping a dead body. Earlier this month we profiled the case of a group of teens who dug a girl up out of the ground to rape her.

DUG HER UP!!!!!!!  Excuse me while I go barf up my Eggos.

I am thoroughly repulsed. Now I would like to hear your views on the point.


13 thoughts on “And suddenly I seem so very very normal

  1. That’s just fucking gross!!!! I’m so tired of people using the excuse that they were under the influence. I’ve never done drugs, but I’ve been plenty drunk, and I still knew right from wrong. It takes a sick fuck to do something like this. I can’t imagine.


  2. Oh my gosh I cannot even believe this!! That is one of THE grossest things I have heard in a long time… what is wrong with people?! He should get a lot more than six years for crap like that. What a sick freak.


  3. ICK………Just plain ick. Unfortunately with working in law enforcement this does not surprise me. Make me sick yes, just not surprising to me……..


  4. I wounder if he let them thaw out cause I don’t know how his dick stayed hard in a frozen pu__y. Fucking gross guys have sick brains.


  5. Pretty much straight out of my abnormal psych classes in college – this guy is a perv with a sick fantasy life – my ass that he only did it b/c he was drunk/high. People like this want to do that shiz constantly, and coincidence that he just happens to work at a morgue? I think not. All the more reason I want to be cremated. Ugh.


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