The next time I try to go to the hair stylist I need you to come with me okay bloggy buddies!  That means Patty you need to be ready to hop a flight on a moments notice when I need a quick trim, or Mathers  you better be prepared for a long drive to hold my hand there.

I need you to come so you can babysit me and make sure I don’t do anything stupid.  By stupid I mean getting stupid goddamn fucking bangs.  I never learn.  NEVER.  I got these fucking bangs almost 4 months ago and they won’t go away.  I spend about 90% of my time with the fuckers pulled back in a clip and the rest of the time I spend trying to mash them into a headband so I can work out at the gym with out having to stop every four seconds to pull my bangs out of my eyes.

So this is where you come in my lovely bloggy darlings.  The next time I even think about bangs I give you full permission to kick me in the teeth HARD!

Thank you and goodnight. 

5 thoughts on “Serious

  1. LOL you’re so funny!
    What you could do is find pictures of the hairstyle you want and take that in with you to the hairdresser and make sure they stick to it. Or you could print out this post and take it in with you so you can remind yourself that you dont want bangs.


  2. I told you not to get them but do you listen to me NOOOOOOOO! You never like them when you get them. I’m going to save this post for the next time you want them and save your blog buddies the trip.


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