The story of a project

Brandon has developed a certain love for cheeseburgers lately.  Specifically cheeseburgers ketchup only, with bacon on the side.  About two weeks ago I pick him up from school and he says, and I quote,

"mom, tomorrow I want a cheeseburger in my lunch.  I want it with two breads, wait what are those breads called?"


"Right okay so I want it like this, one piece of bun, then one meat, then one cheese and then you put the ketchup here (showing me a diagram with his hands) and then another bun.  No mustard okay mom.  And no pickles.  And I want four pieces of bacon on the side, not on the cheeseburger on the side.’

"wow, um, okay"

"and mom I want you to wrap it up like Wendy’s"




That is where he lost me.  Wrap it?  Fuck.  What do I wrap it in?  I don’t happen to have some burger wrappers lying around my house.  So I haul ass to Walmart and wander around and around looking for something.  They had NOTHING.  I finally get an idea to make one.  I go find the stuff I think I want at the sewing department but then I freak out wondering if it would work.  So I ask the lady who replies, "I just work in this department but I’ve never sewn before."  Then she tells me there is a lady in the kitchen department that sewed so she goes and gets her.  This sweet old lady with the thickest accent comes over and goes over all the things with me.  I tell her my idea and she actually thinks it’s pretty cute.  So I loaded up my fabric and away I went.  I headed out to  my chick room and started cutting and sewing and eating chocolate.  And this is the product of my hard work.  Brandon’s lunch wrap.

Let’s just pretend not to notice that I sewed my sides wrong so my corners aren’t the same mmmkay.  It was my first project ever alone on the sewing machine so cut me some slack.

It folds up quite cute huh

I didn’t have any string that day, so I rubber banded it for his lunch

Today, I stole it from him and wrapped my soy nut butter and jelly sandwich in it.  I still haven’t gotten the kind of string I want for it so I used Christmas string today.

It unwraps all pretty

And there it is, my nice fresh, GRAPE JELLY sandwich.


(BTW Niki, you won, email me your address and info and your card will be on it’s way)


So what I ended up doing was buying that stuff that restaurants use to put over their tables to keep them clean, and they just wipe off.   The little lady thought I was nuts at first telling her I wanted to wrap a sandwich in that stuff, then she saw my idea and loved it.  There was a rack of about 9 different plastics and I had to ask to make sure it wouldn’t rip or anything when I sewed it.  

Brandon absolutely loves it.  He loved his special burger wrapper.  Since then I’ve put his sandwich in it, my sandwich and some other things in it.  It wipes clean in about 4 seconds flat and can accommodate pretty much any size.

Originally I planned to add Velcro, but after playing with it, and packing different things each time I realized there would be no way to know where exactly to Velcro it each time.  So this weekend I’m going to go look at some cute ribbons, or strings or something.  I plan to buy some chick fabric to make one for me so i can stop stealing my sons.  I also think I want to make some to either give away, or send to some friends.

So there you have it, the story of a project.

And if you are wondering about the burger. He hated it.


Because I bought the buns with out the "white things" on it.  Little fucker.


This weekend I will be making some more.  I am also going to fuss around with sewing some up into the shape of a plastic bag so I can eliminate sandiwch bags all together.  Anyway if you want me to make you one let me know your favorite color and I’ll send you one.

11 thoughts on “The story of a project

  1. That is so cute! OF COURSE it wasn’t good enough! Darn kids! Little white things… good grief!
    I’m very concerned that the lady working in the fabric dept. of Walmart knows nothing about sewing. HELLO!!! What is wrong with that place??


  2. Nice!
    I want one! I’ll pay you for it. πŸ™‚
    Or you can tell me which plastic to buy and I’ll make it myself. You should make more of these and sell on etsy! πŸ™‚


  3. What a GREAT idea! This is where those “mom created” things come from in that one step ahead book! I would love one! Any color–but understand if you want to do backsies and sell them instead of doing freebies πŸ™‚


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