A whole two hours

 I had big plans for this weekend.  I was going to clean a little house and then spend the rest of the day in my little room sewing and crafting and shit.  I had a few people request my little sandwich lunchmabobs and I was excited to get some new fabric and get started.  Maybe if I make some, and then don’t suck too bad I could put some on Etsy and make a couple bucks.  I did the cleaning and then headed to the fabric store which…bad idea.  i might as well have been at a shoe and jean store when I was a size 2 little hottie in high school.  I lapped the store about 89 times before leaving an hour and forty minutes later.  Finally I made it home, slammed down some dinner and headed out.  About an hour into it I started getting texts that Codi wanted me.  Finally after about two hours I gave up and had to come in.  I told myself it was okay because I had all of Sunday (today).  Not so much.  Why?

Yeah.  That is why.  It was Rob’s day to sleep in so I spent the morning locked in the downstairs rooms with the tiny terrorists.  My original plan was to go outside in my room with the door open while they dicked around outside.  Kind of hard to leave your kids outside when you are worried you will come out to find them buried in snow.  When Rob finally woke up we had to clean more and then he went to shovel the driveway.  I got the boys dressed and thought I could escape outside for even a moment to see my projects from last night and maybe do a little more work.  Aside from having to practically dig my way in, and then having a meltdown over the snow puddle I got on my carpet I was in there for an entire 3.5 minutes before the boys came knocking on my door.



Back inside I went.  So now, I’m here being held prisoner on the couch in my house waiting to go to the store, and the come home and cook dinner, give the boys a bath, put them to bed and NOT GO INTO MY LITTLE ROOM.  Sigh.


One of these days I’ll get to be in there for an entire 5 hour span with out being interrupted.  

2 thoughts on “A whole two hours

  1. I HATE snow. And we’re supposed to get more later this week when Tony will be in Florida for some stupid conference and I’ll be alone with the toddler and I just know my water is going to break when I’m snowed in and my 2 year old is going to have to deliver her brother. Fucking snow.


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