I might not get to spend a lot of time in there, but I can still make a mess

(Forgive the photo quality I was using my husbands point and shoot and apparently I have totally forgotten how to work those little things)

Last time I showed you my room I hadn’t even moved in yet.  I thought I would stick a few updated photos on for y’all.

Entering the room. See messy!  Also note the curtains I made, first ever sewing project.


Current project (hint, some of you will be getting these in the mail)


Projects that could have been finished if my whiny ass kids would let me spend more then two hours at a time in my room. (I love my kids I love my kids I love my kids)


The very first ever pictures for Codi’s scrapbook.  I need to finish them but I need 2 more pieces of cream paper, and can you believe I spent 2 hours in a craft store and never once did I think, "HEY ASSHOLE YOU NEED PAPER FOR YOUR SONS SCRAPBOOK, YOU KNOW THE PAPER YOU HAVE TALKED ABOUT NEEDING FOR TWO WEEKS NOW, YES THAT PAPER, THE PAPER YOU SAID YOU COULD ONLY GET AT A CRAFT STORE, A CRAFT STORE LIKE THE ONE YOU ARE IN..IDIOT."

The bobbin that only took me an hour to thread (note to self, pull the wheel OUT next time you need to do that OUT SHANNON OUT!)

The custom made bulletin board hanging on my wall.  One of my super rad employees/friends made that for me, (well, for my mom to give me for Valentines day, but we won’t get into how I once again found out before I should have.)


So there you have it, my little lioness den.  The small amount of time I do spend in there I really love.  Like REALLY.  I swear it is like I’m not even at home.  It feels sort of like being at the scrapbook store, kind of like being at the library, a little like being at the Mac store and a splash like getting a pedicure.  I normally have my MacBook out there with me playing Twilight. Occasionally I’ll plug in my Phone and rock my iTunes.  Either way, I really enjoy it.  Damn, I totally forgot to take pictures of all the cute little jars in my window.  Ginger and I spent 2 hours at Walmart figuring out how to decorate this bad boy and I forgot to show you the pics.  Sigh.  Well, just imagine the cutest shortest fattest little mason jars full of candies and paper clips and other stuff and the biggest studliest jars filled to the rim with colorful pens, and markers and pencils and scissors.  

Sigh! Every girls dream!

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