Overheard tonight at the gym

At our gym we have two kinds of treadmill.  The normal kind that you get on and go and then another kind that has these little foot pads on the side of them.  When you get on, you tell it the time you want to be on and then it asks you to step on the pads and it puts your weight into the machine so it can calculate your calories.  So I’m chugging along on the treadmill reading my book when two women get on the machines next to me.  And then I hear:

"Omg I weigh 100 pounds."

"Omg I know it just said I weigh 112."

"Yeah but if I weigh 100 pounds that means I gained 3 pounds, uggggg."





I wanted to rip the first ones perky little fucking pony tail out, maybe that would help her lose those three pounds again huh? 

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