4 thoughts on “Send me your recipes

  1. How about relatively inexpensive, quick, old fashioned meals with a healthy twist? Ones we could make minus the lard/butter and quickly after a long day of work?


  2. two things:
    Salmon burgers (I had one in NYC a few years back and can’t seem to figure it out. It was thick and had a bunch of crap mixed in it, and then I went home and bought frozen Salmon burgers and thought they blew farts)
    healthy takes on fatty yummalicious foods. I am dying for some new ideas that make me WANT (like I am about to die without it) to make healthy food. You know–how a chocolate pudding pie or a cake would make you jump! Or a fatty casserole or something.
    OH and one more…I lied about 2. What about holiday ideas! I am hosting Easter this year and have NO f’n clue what the hell to make besides ham of course.


  3. I’d love to know how to make my own raviolis. For a challenge, I had Fried Ravilolis at Apple Hill one year… it was like eatting a little bite of apple pie. I’ve searched and searched for a recipe, but have never found one. Oh, and I’m with Jiff, I’d love to know how to make a beef brisket in the crock pot. No matter what I do, it’s always way to dry.


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