Redemption mother fuckers

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Thats right ladies.  Your care packages will be leaving tomorrow.  Originally I was just going to send them empty.  My friends said to send them with something store bought.  But I honestly couldn’t wrap my head around taking all that time to hand make the gift and then filling it with something Smiths or Safeway made.  So, I ditched the gym tonight, put some extra love into the kitchen, threw back a couple glasses of the good stuff (read: Arbor Mist) and made you some shit!  Check those bad boys out.  They are lemony and fresh and summery and I shouldn’t have ditched the gym to BAKE because hello I have to taste test RIGHT!

Anyway. Sorry for the delay, but if I’m sending something with my name out, it’s going to be done right! 

Thank God too, because the whole failing in the kitchen thing was about to give me a complex!

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