Treasures from your past

I was just reading Lorie’s blog when I saw this post.  I could not believe it.  I have that strainer.  

I couldn’t believe her little boy wears it as a hat.  That is all I ever did with it.  I would walk into my grandma’s house and put on my "hat."  When my grandma died the only thing I wanted was that hat.  It has spots that are melted.  It’s color is faded.  But it is my hat and I love it.  Do you have anything like that?  Something that reminds you of your whole childhood?  Something you will never let go of?  Here’s to you and your hat Henry!

4 thoughts on “Treasures from your past

  1. My sister has the one thing I want. The little blue and white teddy bear that my dad gave me mom when she was in the hospital after I was born. She swiped it from me sometime during our childhood and has it hidden.
    I know I will get it back some day. You know when she puts it out in her baby’s crib and thinks I’ve forgotten…I’ll snatch my bear back πŸ™‚
    Hee hee! Or not at least its still in the family!
    Seriously though I have my grandmother’s ring. It was a purple stone set in yellow gold. I had the ring dyed in white gold because I don’t wear yellow gold so now I wear it all the time. Especially when I miss her.


  2. I have an old set of dominos in a wooden box that my Dad and I played all the time when I went to his house as a kid. I only saw him every other weekend but I grew up so much closer to him and can always tell you what we did when I went over there. I hope to play dominos with Bayley someday and give her the same memories. πŸ™‚


  3. hehe, my mom had one just like it when we were growing up. this one is actually scott’s from his college years, which I’m assuming came from his mom. it must have been the IT tupperware purchase back in the day. =)


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