Who gave me cable

I had a mild argument with Dish Network the other day.  By mild I mean I got put on the do not transfer, do not help, do not talk to list.  Finaly after putting some sugar in my voice I got through to someone who gave me three months of free HBO and Showtime.  Let me tell you that I haven’t had HBO or Showtime in probably 5 years.  So I get all excited come home and, what the fuck these channels are garbage.  TRASH.  What happened to good movies.  

But then…I turned on Showtime and Twilight was on and, well, okay WIN!  I came in later and there was some stupid ass movie on about psycics and ghosts and oh my God did I just waste an hour watching that?  Fuck.  And now I’m wasting another 2 hours watching another garbage movie and people HBO IS WORSE THEN THE LIFETIME MOVIE NETWORK.  Someone is going to need to wash my eyes out.

How did I ever waste time before HBO?

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