Yeah…I'm a Twilight mom

Stupid Showtime and their stupid all day showing of Twilight.  I CAN NOT STOP WATCHING.  Which then makes me really really upset that New Moon is way out of my budget right now.  But more then that it really pisses me off that Eclipse is so far away. While I’m bitching can I just mention that Breaking Dawn isn’t even set to start filming until November meaning we probably won’t even get to see the fucking movie until about 2030.  Stupid fucking Summit.  And, since I’m on the complaint trail Stephanie Meyers is a total asshole for not finishing Midnight Sun and the rest of that series.  ASSHOLE!


She is even an asshole in italics!

Here is the thing.  I always read this shit about Twilight moms.  Or old women into Twilight and here is what I’ve decided.  


I’m 28 therefor I am still super young yo’.  So I’m just a normal fan.   A normal young, hip just older then teenage fan.  Which means it is totally acceptable for me to love Edward THIS MUCH and cry about how far away the movie release is.

Yesterday at Walmart I actually lingered in front of a New Moon display wondering if buying a keychain with the Cullen crest was going too far, or if it would make me even more extra cool then I already thought I was.  I left with out it, but only because everyone started to look and I just couldn’t be that girl. But first next week I am so buying that bitch (as long as no one is looking).

That is all now. I just needed to bitch, and if I blather on to my husband about Edward Mason anymore (yeah I know his name) I will be spending the night outside in my girl room.

6 thoughts on “Yeah…I'm a Twilight mom

  1. Step away from the Twilight display! LOL!
    I preordered my New Moon but stupid Amazon did not deliver it on 3/20. They let me watch it online but I hate watching movies on my laptop when I have a big 50 inch TV that I could watch it on…had they delivered it. Don’t get me started again!


  2. Hi there…..don’t faint, I am back!! Just thought I would pop over and say hello!
    Watched New Moon last night, it came out here on DVD yesterday and I love it!
    Think the next film is out here in the summer, cannot wait! I am almost 40… will not comment on the Twilight Mums lol ….but I love Edward soooo much and want one of my own lol
    hope youre ok, take care
    love and hugs Tabitha xxx


  3. Oh yes. I love me some Twilight. I preordered New Moon and got it yesterday, but still haven’t been able to watch it with kids and Mac troubles and oh right the check engine light came on last night please just kill me.
    BTW, I will totally post an awesome thank you for the goodies and holder of the goodies as soon as I get my computer back.


  4. Oh Misguided!!! I am (ugh) 34 and my OLDER sister and I had a blast in Walmart looking at all the Twilight stuff. We had so much fun I am certain there were about to ask us to leave the store when my mom and my mother-in-law came up and claimed us! I love Twilight and I am not ashamed to admit it. I am also not ashamed to admit we almost bought the set of 8 buttons for no damn reason other than to stare at Edward!


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